Textbroker is very reliable paying their writers. To this day I have never heard a complaint from anyone. Textbroker pays every two weeks and money is deposited into someones PayPal account upon request.

As a writer for textbroker, you may receive direct orders from clintel. With direct orders, you are able to negotiate pay directly with the client. Direct orders will happen for some writers when a client likes your writing style and wants you specifically to write their articles for them.

Textbroker does not require you to write a minimum or maximum amount of articles for them. You basically work when you want and earn money when you want to.

Textbroker is the only site that we know that helps you to improve your writing. They will give you tips on how to become a better writer when they grade your articles. They will let you know what your weak points are when writing and will help you improve your rating so that you can move your rating up and earn more money on the articles that you write.


There are not many cons to textbroker. If we had to knit pick here, the only con would be that textbroker does not pay as well as some of the other freelance writer sites out there. With all of the benefits that textbroker offers though, it easily makes up for this.

Full Review

With times being as hard as they are these days, almost everyone is looking for a way to generate extra income to help provide for themselves and their families. Some people get a part time job to help pay the bills, which is great but could become exhausting. Others will start a small part time business with dreams that it will some day grow big enough so that it could support themselves and their families, and just maybe they will be able to quite their full time job and declare themselves a full time business owner. This is great but usually starting a business will require lots of money to get off of the ground, which most people will probably not have.

So how can someone earn a nice supplemental income from home without making any investment? Writing is the answer! That's right, many people earn a nice income each and every month from freelance writing! Before you think to yourself that you are not a good enough writer for anyone to pay for your work - think again!Textbroker is a website that will pay you for short articles that you write for them. If you are not confident in your writing skills and feel that you need some improvement in your writing, don't worry because Textbroker will evaluate your writing and help you improve as a writer through time and practice.

So how does Textbroker work? Registration with textbroker is easy, they will initially ask you for a sample writing that you will be evaluated on. They will then rate your writing skills on a scale from 1 to 5. Level 5 writers are what they consider to be professional writing and is held by very few. Of course, there are very few people who qualify as level 5 writers. Most people will either qualify as a level 3 or level 4 writer, and the others at lower levels. The higher level you qualify, the more you will be paid for the articles that you write. Most articles are short ranging anywhere from 100 words to 500 words. They will pay you for the amount of words that you write, every word counts when writing for textbroker. If you are a level 5 writer on textbroker you will earn the most money possible for your articles, you can actually earn $20 for a simple 500 word article that may take you 10 to 15 minutes to write, depending on how quick you are and how much knowledge you already have on the subject which will eliminate any subject research time. If you are a level 4 writer you will earn around $7 for a 500 word article, level 3 writers will earn $5 for a 500 word article.

One of the great things about textbroker that separates them from a lot of the other freelance writer websites is that they give everyone an opportunity to write. After you write an article and it is accepted, payment will be awarded into your payment account. Textbroker will also grade your new article that you have written from 1-5 and sometimes give you tips on mistakes that you have made. This is great as they will point out to you mistakes that you may have made when writing, which of course will only turn you into a better writer in the future. Also, just because you are a level 2 writer after your initial registration article does not mean that you will always remain a level 2 writer. Textbroker grades every article that you write and your last 5 articles that you have written get averaged out to determine your writing level. So a level 2 writer can easily move up to a level 3 writer, then to a level 4 writer, and in time even a level 5 writer.

If you are serious about earning extra money, or even a full time living eventually by writing short articles for clientele from home, you are going to want to give textbroker a try.

In Closing

Textbroker is the perfect freelance writer site for the experienced and not so experienced freelance writer. Many not so experienced writers may feel a bit intimidated to apply for some freelance writer websites, but with textbroker no one needs to feel that way. If you can write simple articles that can be understood by others, you can write for textbroker.