Make A Lot Or A Little At Textbrokers, The Choice Is Yours

Teenage Investing One Dollar At A TimeCredit: Ryan Canady

Out of all of the freelance writing sites that are available on the internet, perhaps one of the best for new writers is Textbrokers. More formally, this website is known as, but some refer to it just as Textbroker or Textbrokers. 

The basic idea behind this site is that you are filling orders submitted by clients. These clients may use Textbrokers to get work done for a variety of different reasons. This is to say that they may be submitting article requests that will be used on their own websites or blogs. They also could be using the work that you create for press releases or other purposes as well. In the end, the clients on Textbrokers are using your work for a variety of different reasons. However, what you are more concerned with as a writer at Textbrokers is how you are going to be able to make some money. 

The Star Levels

Textbrokers rates all new writers on a star system. This system is set up to show what quality of writing different writers have. This is important both to you and the clients, because it determines how much you will be paid, and it determines how much they are going to have to spend per article. When you first apply to work for Textbrokers, you are going to be asked to submit a sample article with your information. This is done so that the editors on the site can determine your writing quality level. They need this information in order to assign you a star level. Obviously, this sample article is rather important, but it is not the end all be all. You will have more chances in the future to improve your star level as you go along. 

Payment Structure

Textbrokers pays its writers per word. Therefore, the more words that you type, the more you get paid. Different articles on the site vary in how much length the client wants. Thus, some assignments are worth more than other. The amount that you are paid is also determined by your star rating on Textbrokers. The payment scale is as follows:

2 stars $0.007 per word

3 stars $0.010 per word

4 stars $0.014 per word

5 stars $0.050 per word

As you can see, the more stars that you have, the more pay you get. Please note that there is no one star category. This star level does not exist on Textbrokers. If the editors do not feel that your quality of writing is good enough quality to even be 2 stars, then they will simply not let you write for them. 

How Much Can You Make?

Once again, Textbrokers is a commission based business. In other words, the more that you work, the more that you can make. Also, when your work is of higher quality, you are likely to make more. However, a 3 star writer who does 10 articles a day is most likely going to make more than a 4 star writer doing 3 articles a day. However, this all depends on the length of the articles and other factors. The basic point is that you will make what you set out to make most of the time. To learn more about it, sign up with them today.