There are many websites that can help you figure out your teens texting messages, but do you really want to know? If you think it is harming their spelling abilities, relax, you basically need to know how to spell before you can go to this shortened version of words.

It is amazing though, how your teen can just pick up these short forms so quickly, but they are texting all the time. These are the digitally connected teens and they don't need to carry a texting dictionary.

But as a parent, you may find it much easier to stay in touch with your kids and teens by texting. I started text messaging, and although painfully slow, I have taken to it. I can communicate with friends and relatives, that don't seem to find the time to phone me, or even drop me an email. My brother will suddenly drop me a random text while out on the road with his trucking job.

This was great until I got my cell phone bill. I realized that as fun and exciting as this texting is, I needed to shorten up the words and my long stories, to save a few dollars! I am a very fast typist, and my fingers fly on the computer keyboard, but get me on that cell phone and trying to text using the phone number letters, is painful! Although I am getting better by the day.

My brother doesn't even own a computer, but since I got on the text messaging wagon, I hear from him while he is waiting for his truck to be unloaded, as he drives truck for a living, and texts me and his kids and others while waiting for the crews to unload his truck or on his lunch. He says he doesn't always feel like talking, and he would always get his kids messaging center anyways, this way he can write a quick text or send a quick joke. This could be somewhere from up north or anywhere, and those text messages always seem to get through better than a phone call.

So, I figured it was time to get more "digitally connected" and make up my own texting dictionary, or texting language.


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Do you need a texting dictionary? Are you trying to get on the texting train?Texting is the talk of cell phones, chat rooms, computers and anywhere your teenager is!.The purpose to all these short form words, or "textese", is to minimize the number of characters being used to get the message across, and also to speak in text speak or their own language, that hopefully, you as a parent, have no clue about.

Texting Dictionary!

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I have found these common texting short forms that the kids use, and many are useful to me. So for all of those people out there who do not speak "texese" here are a few to get you started:BRB Be right backBTDT been there done that (I like this one)K OkayL8R laterNOYB none of your businessPOS parent over shoulder (I am not likely to use that one but your kids will!)ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing (I usually just use lol - laughing outloud)SLAP sounds like a planSUX it sucks (this one is universal)T+ think positiveTTYL talk to you laterUGTBK you've got to be kiddingGR8 great9 someone's watching (I have not had to use this yet!)Most often it is the first letter of the word, but you still need to be able to figure out the word? I have seen my daughter's texts, and I honestly don't know how she reads it, but she can stare at groups of letters, and start laughing. She has received what is considered a huge message with just a few letters.It is nice for the kids to have their own language. It is no different from having a secret language on those notes you used to pass around at school in another era!. As long as they can spell the words in full at some point in their life, I am happy.But to tell you the truth, I am getting on the band wagon with my own texting dictionary. I have ventured out enough to use the number "4" for "for" and "2nite" for "tonight" and single digits when I can get a message across, not to save money as much as to speed up my painfully slow texting! My brother said, he almost fell asleep waiting for an answer to a question!But I am getting there. My hubby is not so connected yet. I sent him a text for fun, and he tried to answer it and I got "&*(^)," so not sure where he was going with that! He says his fingers are too big for the tiny cell phone buttons, and he didn't have his glasses on! I consider myself digitally connected now. I just remember my "shorthand" from high school. I actually never thought it would come in handy, but now it does to speak textese! So go ahead, and create your own texting dictionary and get on that technological highway, it's fun!

Don't Forget About Emoticons too!!

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