If you have kids or friends that simply cannot get through a day without staying in touch with their peeps via electronic devices, then you just got a brilliant idea for a gift!  Texting gloves. 

If you have ever seen people waiting at bus stops in the bitter cold with their gloves or mitts off of one hand or both and tucked under their arm so that they can try and relay a message then these have to be the best invention yet and would make the perfect gift!

Texting Gloves(122447)Credit: Amazon.com

Winter Gloves for Texting

These are made from special conductive yarn on the thumb and index finger that work great with all touch screen devices, and of course for texting. 

So, if you live in an area where the climate is very cold, then these are something you need to wear if you simply can’t go out without your ipad, cell phone or other devices and need to stay in touch even at the bus stop.  You don’t want to be spelling the wrong words with big puffy mitts or frozen fingers.

These gloves for texting come in many colours and are for women and one size fits all as they are stretchy, so there should be no problem getting a pair or two for your friends, kids or whoever else you know that likes to keep in touch with their peeps even outside in the cold.

So if you have to get through a long cold winter, then why risk frostbite? These are an affordable way to still use your phone, iPad or whatever else you carry around without your fingers going blue and simply not moving anymore!

I see kids all the time at bus stops sitting in the frozen shelters with their mitts off while they try to text fast with frozen fingers.  I used to think, why?  But since I have had to keep in touch with my cell phone while out and about, I can actually see why when you are trying to communicate in sub-zero temperatures!

It can be a long winter, so you may want to get a few pairs of these for everyone you know.  They would make great stocking stuffers or a “just because I don’t want you to lose your fingers” gift!

They come in many cute and fashionable colours so they will simply wear these instead of nothing at all (which I have also seen with kids at the bus stop) but these are great for adults too, not just for the teens.

They are an acrylic blend and stretchy, so they will keep your fingers warm in the dead of winter while still staying in touch with the peeps in your life.  They are washable and bounce back.  They do not create static which makes then great for texting or touch screen.  But they are also good for counting out change without having to take them off, so no bulkiness.

Now you just need to figure out a way to keep the flying snow off your iPad or phone while you are texting!

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