The world of texting drivers in California becomes even smaller. Before, California drivers thought that they are not only allowed to use their cellular phones while their vehicle is moving; however, based on the ruling of the California Court of Appeals, motorists must adhere to the text law regardless if their vehicle is moving or not.

According to the ruling, California Vehicle Code (VC) 23123 requires drivers not to use handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle. The Court argued that the definition of “driving” does not only include moving vehicles but it also applies to vehicles that are on a halt due to a red traffic light.

Because of the said ruling, Carl Nelson’s appeal was not recognized. In 2009, Nelson was apprehended by an officer for using his cell phone while his vehicle is stopped due to a red light. The officer ticketed Nelson for violating the text ban law. However, Nelson protested the officer’s decision claiming that he did not violate any traffic rule given that his vehicle is not moving when he was caught using his cell phone.

The California Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of Nelson citing that he really did violate the law. The Court has said that even though his vehicle is not moving, technically, he is still operating it thus it is illegal for him to use his handheld electronic device.

The court ruling proves that drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones even though their vehicles are not moving. Because of this, California drivers must be well aware of their actions and be able to do all necessary measures to avoid utilizing their electronic devices when operating their vehicles.

Road safety should always be the top priority of California motorists in order to avoid any unnecessary road accident. In California, texting drivers who cause harm to another person may be held legally liable for their negligent actions. Pursuant to personal injury law, a negligent driver may face legal charges in case he causes injury to another individual. Furthermore, accident victims have the right to demand for compensations for their injuries and inconveniences from the negligent driver involved.

Victims of distracted drivers are advised to consult with Los Angeles attorneys to learn more about their rights provided by the tort law. Los Angeles attorneys can help victims to appropriately and successfully claim for recoverable damages from the liable party involved.