Do you text? These days it seems as though almost everyone is texting or using some type of social networking program. With the onset of Twitter and the limit to 140 characters per tweet, people had to get creative to post their news with the least amount of characters as possible.

Now there is a texting and social network language made-up of abbreviations. People everywhere are sending messages that look odd to the novice who is unfamiliar with this new language.  Although some of the abbreviations may be familiar to you, others will make you say “what?” Here is an example, see if you can decipher the following message:  

"SIMYC I WUZ W/my B/F (the MOMBOY) and his mama, having FBF. I will CUL this WKD at Bev’s BDAY PRT.  T4BU…T:)T! SU L8R. <33 MUAH!! LOLO, Dee Dee."

Did you understand the message? Not so easy, is it? Here’s what the preceding message says:

"Sorry I missed your call, I was with my boyfriend (the mama’s boy) and his mama, having fat boy food (e.g. pizza, burgers, fries). I will see you later this weekend at Bev’s birthday party.  Thanks for being you…think happy thoughts! See you later. (Heart and air kiss)!!  Lots of love, Dee Dee."  The text makes sense when you know the meaning of all the abbreviations.

The following lists will help you figure out a majority of text, twitter and social network messages.

Texting and Social Network Abbreviations: Part 1 (A – E)

Please note however, in the world of cyber communication things change fast, so there may be some new abbreviations not listed.

Texting and Social Networks Abbreviations: Part 1 (A – E)


A3  =  Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AAMOF  =  As a matter of fact
AAP  =  Always a pleasure
AATK  =  Always at the keyboard
ABT  =  About
ABT2  =  About to
ADAD  =  Another day, another dollar
ADBB  =  All done, bye-bye
ADD  =  Address
ADMIN  =  Administrator
ADN  =  Any day now
 AKA  =  Also known as
ALOL  =  Actually laughing out loud
ASAP  =  As soon as possible
ATEOTD  =  At the end of the day
ATM  =  At the moment
AWESO  =  Awesome
AYDY  =  Are you done yet?
AYS  =  Are you serious?
AYT  =  Are you there?


B  =  Back
B&  =  Banned
B2W  =  Back to work
B/F  =  Boyfriend
B4  =  Before
BAY  =  Back at ya
BB  =  Be back
BBL  =  Be back late
BBS  =  Be back soon
BBT  =  Be back tomorrow
B/C  =  Because
BCO = Big crush on         
BCOY  =  Big crush on you
BD  =  Big deal
BDAY  =  Birthday
B-DAY  =  Birthday
BF  =  Best friend
BFF  =  Best friends forever
BFFL  =  Best friends for life
BFFN  =  Best friend for now
BIL  =  Brother in law
BL  =  Belly laugh
BLNT  =  Better luck next time
BM&Y  =  Between me and you
BN  =  Bad news
BOL  =  Best of luck
BOYF  =  Boyfriend
BRB  =  Be right back
BRD  =  Bored
BTDT  =  Been there, done that
BTW  =  By the way
BWL  =  Bursting with laughter


C&G =  Chuckle & grin
C4N = Ciao for now
CAD =  Control + Alt + Delete
CAD = Short for Canada/Canadian
CAM = Camera (SMS)
CB = Coffee break
CB = Chat break
CB = Crazy *b*
CD9 = Code 9, Meaning "parents are around"
CFS = Care for secret?
CFY = Calling for you
CIAO = Good-bye (Italian word)
CICO = Coffee in, coffee out
CID = Crying in disgrace
CID = Consider it done
CLAB = Crying like a baby
CM = Call me
CMB = Call me back
CMAP = Cover my *a* partner (online gaming)
CMIIW = Correct me if I'm wrong
CMON = Come on
CNP = Continued (in) next post
COB = Close of business
COH = City of Heroes (online gaming)
COS = Because
CR8 = Create
CRB = Come right back
CRBT = Crying really big tears
CRZ = Crazy
CSG = Chuckle, snicker, grin
CSL = Can't stop laughing
CSS = Counter-Strike Source (online gaming)
CT = Can't talk
CTN = Can't talk now
CTO = Check this out
CU = See you
CU2 = See you too
CUA = See you around
CUL = See you later
CULA = See you later alligator
CUL8R =  See you later
CUMID = See you in my dreams
CWOT = Complete waste of time
CYA = See ya
CYAL8R = See ya later
CYE = Check your e-mail
CYO = See you online


DA = The
DBAU = Doing business as usual
DBEYR = Don't believe everything you read
DC = Disconnect
DD = Due diligence
DGA = Don’t go anywhere
DGT = Don't go there
DGTG = Don't go there, girlfriend
DH = Dear (or Darling) husband
DIIK = Darned if I know
DIKU = Do I know you?
DIS = Did I say?
DIY = Do it yourself
DKDC = Don't know, don't care
D/L = Download
DLTBBB = Don't let the bed bugs bite
DM = Doesn't matter
DMNO = Dude Man No Offense
DMY = Don't mess yourself
DN = Down
DNC = Do not compute (I do not understand)
DNR = Dinner
DNT = Don't
d00d = Dude
DQMOT = Don't quote me on this
DR = Didn't read
DTR = Define the relationship
DTRT = Do the right thing
DTS = Don't think so
DUPE = Duplicate
DUR = Do you remember?
DV8 = Deviate
DWF = Divorced white female
DWM = Divorced white male
DXNRY = Dictionary
DYNWUTB = Do you know what you are talking about?
DYFI = Did you find it?
DYFM = Dude, you fascinate me


E1 = Everyone
E123 = Easy as one, two, three
E2EG = Ear to ear grin
EAK = Eating at keyboard
EF4T = Effort
EM = E-mail
EMA = E-mail address
EMFBI = Excuse me for butting in
EMSG = E-mail message
ENUF = Enough
EOD = End of day or End of discussion
EOL = End of lecture
EOM = End of message
EOS = End of show
ETA = Estimated time (of) arrival
EVA = Ever
EVO = Evolution
EZ or EZY = Easy

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