Are you confortable texting or communicating on social networks?  Do you understand the lingo? If you are new to this type of corresponding, you may not be up to date on all the abbreviations. People have become extremely creative in forming their messages with the least amount of words and characters as possible. After Twitter debuted, people were forced to limit their messages to 140 characters and thus a whole new text and social network language was born.

Included in this final list are abbreviations used in online gambling. Knowing enough of these abbreviations will aid you in the world of social networking, and who knows, you may even come up with your own unique cyber language.

Here is a message you might get in the world of online gambling:

“VWP, VGH!  U win the JP, NBFAB!!”

Wondering what that means?  Well, don’t worry; if you get this message while gambling online, it’s a good thing for you because it means the following:

“Very well played, Very good hand! You win the Jackpot, Not bad for a beginner!!”

The following lists will help you figure out a majority of text, twitter and social network messages.

Texting and Social Network Abbreviations: Part 5 (X – Z, Symbols, Numbers, and Online Gambling)

Please note however, in the world of cyber communication things change fast, so there may be some new abbreviations not listed. If you are a novice to texting and social networks, don’t be discouraged you will catch on!

Texting and Social Networks Abbreviations: Part 5 (X – Z, Symbols, Numbers, and Online Gambling)


X-1-10 = Exciting
X = Kiss
X! = “A typical woman"
XD = Really hard laugh
XME = Excuse Me
XOXOXO = Hugs & Kisses
XLNT = Excellent
XLR8 = Accelerate
XYL = Ex-young lady, meaning wife
XYZ = Examine your zipper


Y? = Why?
Y = Yawn
Y2K = You're too kind
YA = You’re
YAA = Yet another acronym
YABA = Yet another bloody acronym
YARLY = Yah, really?
YBIC = Your brother in Christ
YBS = You'll be sorry
YCDBWYCID = You can't do business when your computer is down
YCHT = You can have them
YCLIU = You can look it up
YCMU = You crack me up
YF = Wife
YG = Young gentleman
YGTBKM = You've got to be kidding me
YGG = You go girl
YHBT = You have been trolled
YHBW = You have been warned
YHL = You have lost
YIU = Yes, I understand
YKW = You know what
YKWYCD = You know what you can do
YL = Young lady
YMMV = Your mileage may vary
YNK = You never know
YR = Your
YR = Yeah right
YSIC = Your sister in Christ
YSYD = Yeah sure you do
YT = You there?
YTB = You're the best
YTB = Youth talk back
YTTL = You take too long
YTG = You're the greatest
YW = You're welcome
YWHNB = Yes, we have no bananas
YWHOL = Yelling "woohoo" out loud
YWSYLS = You win some, you lose some
YYSSW = Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever


Z = Zero
Z = Z's are calling (meaning going to bed/sleep)
Z = Meaning "Said"
Z% = Zoo
ZH = Sleeping Hour
ZOT = Zero tolerance
ZUP = "What's up?"
ZZZZ = Sleeping (or bored)

Symbols and Numbers

? = I have a question/ I don't understand what you mean
?4U = I have a question for you
<3  = "Sideways heart"
<3  = "Broken heart"
<33  = "Heart or love" (more 3s is a bigger heart)
@TEOTD = At the end of the day
.02 = My two cents worth
121 = One-to-one (private chat initiation)
1337 = “Leet,” meaning elite
14AA41 = One for all, and all for one
182 = I hate you
10X = Thanks
10Q = Thank you
1CE = Once
1DR = I wonder
1NAM = One in a million
2 = To
2EZ = Too easy
2G2BT = Too good to be true
2M2H = Too much too handle
2MI = Too much information
2MOR = Tomorrow
2NTE = Tonight
4 = For
411 = Information
404 = I don't know
4COL = For crying out loud
^5 = High-five
6Y = Sexy
86 = Over
9 = Parent is watching
*s* = Smiling 
*w* = Winking

Online Gambling

19 = Zero hand
AE = Area effect
AO = Anarchy Online
AOE = Area of effect
AOM = Age of Mythology
BF2 = Battlefield 2
BOE = Bind on equip
BOP = Bind on pickup
CMAP = Cover my *a* partner
COH = City of Heroes
CRIT = Critical hit
CSS = Counter-Strike Source
CYEP = Close your eyes partner
DAoC = Dark Age of Camelot
DFL = Dead *freaking* last
DKP = Dragon kill points
DM = Dungeon Master
DPS = Damage per second
E = Enemy
EQ = Ever-Quest
F2P = Free to play
FC = Full card
FFA = Free for all
FUD = Face up deal
GG = Good Game
GGA = Good game, all
GGE1 = Good game, everyone
GH = Good hand
GIC = Gift in crib
GL2U = Good luck to you
GL/HF = Good luck, have fun
GLE1 = Good luck everyone
GLNG = Good luck next game
GS = Good split
HL = Half Life
HP = Hit points / Health points
HVH = Heroic Violet Hold
INC = Incoming"
JP = Jackpot
KB = Kick butt
KS = Kill then steal
LFG = Looking for group
LFG = Looking for guard
LFM = Looking for more
LOTR = Lord of The Rings
MEZ = Mesmerize
MP = Mana points
NBFAB = No bad for a beginner
NC = Nice crib
ND = Nice double
NFS = Need for Speed
NH = Nice hand
NM = Nice meld
NPC = Non-playing character
NR = Nice roll
NS = Nice score
NS = Nice split
O = Opponent
P = Partner
P2P = Pay to play
PAT = Patrol
PC = Player character
PKMN = Pokemon
PST = Please send tell
PUG = Pick up group
PVP = Player versus player
RS = Runescape
TD = Tower defense
TYFC = Thank you for charity
UT = Unreal Tournament
VGG = Very good game
VGH = Very good hand
VNH = Very nice hand
VWD = Very well done
VWP = Very well played
WEP = Weapon
WOW = World of Warcraft
WTB = Want to buy
WTS = Want to sell?
WTT = Want to trade?

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