To text, or not to TXT. That is the question

 There is always the problem of texting etiquette. Now where do you stop texting. Here’s the thing people ask themselves all the time. I mean of course if I’m still in high school it’s acceptable to text until I get worried about the sudden onset of arthritis. What is more difficult is being a young adult say your twenty-seven and you got someone’s phone number you really want to talk to. Suddenly I regret spending all this money on this wonderful phone because not only do I have anxiety over meeting such a glorious specimen of humanity, I also have writer’s block. Is there an app for that? So what is the texting limit per day on a fledgling relationship? Three times in one day unless they stop writing back? Is a simple short email more acceptable when simply trying to break the ice. There are entire blogs on the internet where relationships blossom and die over the span of texting, emailing, talking on the phone and then the great final disappointment of the first date. Its all this tumultuous buildup that you pour your heart out over letters and words and you have yet to look at that person in the eye. My personal limit is four. Four text messages a day. Short and sweet not in a twitter-update sort of way where we have to tell the world our new shade of toe nail polish. Simply put a good morning text is right up there with a kiss. Simply stating that you were being thought of, how sweet.

Now I can completely justify this embarrassingly decadent phone. I mean don’t we all want to upgrade. There should be a notice attached to this phone telling me whether or not receiving text messages from potential seducers is annoying or not. I mean I wouldn’t want to waste my money just to be perturbed at the way my instant and exclusive messages arrive from my significant acquaintances. That’s where consumer advocacy should step in. a gradable scale of annoyance that your phone can provide for you based on how shallow of a person you are. perhaps an app that lets you even start treating text messages like bank deposits or voice mail. You’ll get to that information when you can at your earliest possible convenience, pending irritation. And everyone texting you now knows this. So would you please leave a message?