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generous prix fixe lunch menu

tasty piping hot dishes

very reasonable prices

nice Happy Hour specials


Waitress made us feel a bit rushed. She came with the bill while were were obviously still eating.

Full Review

Breeze Thai-French Kitchen in NYC's Hell's Kitchen was a lucky find.

I was looking for a place that served inexpensive Thai food, and was glad to come across this Hell's Kitchen venue. I came to Breeze Thai-French Kitchen with a friend and had the prix fixe lunch.

The food was more Asian fusion than Thai. The prix fixe lunch menu offered a crispy spring roll and tofu mixed vegetable soup or mixed green salad. There was also a choice of the Breeze tossed salad, spicy grilled beef salad, or the green papaya salad with grilled chicken and sticky rice.

The entree offerings included South East Asian style sandwiches, Thai basil burger, and house ground and grilled hamburger.

There is also a variety of Thai curries available, including red, green, yellow, massaman, and panang. I was very pleased with my mixed green salad and massaman curry. The food was piping hot, the vegetables were fresh, and the food was tasty. I've tried many Thai restaurants and the massaman curry here was one of the best.

I was also very pleasantly surprised to see the $6.95 lunch special prices. Although the portions were not huge, that was okay because we were still getting a lot of food for our money.

The prix fixe lunch menu is available from 11:30 am-3:30 pm. There's also a $16.95 dinner prix fixe menu which also includes desserts and larger portions.

There are also generous happy hour specials, including $2 shots, $3 beer, and $5 cocktails. I do plan on coming back for the happy hours sometime in the near future.

The waitress was helpful and pleasant, while we were eating, but she made us feel a bit rushed. She seemed eager to get us out, as she gave us the bill while were were obviously still eating.

Located 661 9th. Avenue between 45th and 46th St.,Visiting Breeze Thai-French Kitchen involves getting off on the A,C,E trains at 42nd/Port Autority, and trudging to 9th Ave.

There are plenty of Thai restaurants in the area, many with generous lunch specials. I still have to visit a few other restaurants before I can make a more detailed comparison. Still, I was quite pleased with the food and prices as Breeze Thai-French Kitchen.

In Closing

Breeze Thai-French Kitchen is a great place for a generous, reasonably-priced lunch menu. The food was also incredibly fresh and delicious. I would recommend coming for a quick lunch or for a Happy Hour, as they have nice specials on drinks.