With everybody’s eye on the environment and green issues, you can do your bit on your Thailand holiday by selecting Eco-friendly activities.

A great example is the Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market & Water Theatre is located in Ayutthaya province, the ancient capital of Thailand, and just 90 kilometres to the north of Bangkok. The main attraction is the Water Theatre, the one and only in Thailand, that allows performers to gracefully glide over the water’s surface, featuring live performances of Thai folktales and Sepaa song recitals. The shows depict some of the most well known Thai folktales such as Nang Sib Song (The Twelve Maidens) and Pla Bu Thong (The Golden Goby) with five show times per day. The package options consist of a tickets offering drinks (tea and herbal drinks) and admission to the show or an "all you can eat" option with a varied Thai buffet that can be enjoyed throughout the day as you watch the performances.The Market is also in the vicinity of major World Heritage's sites, namely King Naresuan Monument, Wat Naphrameru and The Elephant Kraal Pavilion, making this a great activity to link in with these attractions.Helping Hands help the poor to develop sustainable businesses.

Smart Cook is Chang Mai’s internationally renowned cooking school and is situated in a delightful teakwood home. Taught by a dedicated host using an individual hands-on method you will learn the art of Thai cooking in a spacious open-air kitchen.  Friendly Thai cooking experts will show you how to prepare each dish and class size is limited to 12 people to maximise individual attention. There are a number of courses available with the Special Course allowing you to choose from two menus with speciality dishes such as Stir Fried Prawn in Tamarind Sauce and Chicken in pandanus leaves.The Smart Short Class allows you to pick your favourite menu for a five course meal whilst the Daily Course will show you how to create dishes from seven categories including appetisers, stir-fried dishes, curries and desserts.The Cooking in Thai Home Farm course allows you to escape the city and visit an organic farm.  A short train ride allows you to explore the farm and select your ingredients before preparing your dishesClasses begin at either 9.30am or 3.00pm with the Smart Short Class available at 9.30am, 1.00pm or 5.00pm.

As the premier Bangkok City bike Tour Company, Velo Thailand offers tours with local guides through areas of Thailand that you would not normally see as well as large groups tours of 30-40 people. Tours to suit all fitness levels and age groups encapsulate Thailand’s natural beauty, culture and community. Tours include the Bangkok Historical Bike Tour that takes you through the back roads and ‘sois’ to discover ancient temples and the Night Bike tour that allows you to see the city in a unique way as it comes to life after dark. Other tours include the Garden and Canals Tour that visits the Taling Chan Floating Market, the Phutthachai National Park Bike Tour, Pattaya’s most challenging 100% off road course the Pattaya Mountain Bike Tour, a 14-day Bangkok - Phuket tour and the 5-10-day Mekong River cycle program in the north-east of Thailand. Bike tour programs into neighbouring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar are also available.Challenging speciality bike tours such as the unique Downhilling program offered by no one else is gaining popularity.  The “Flow downhill cycling” program around Bangkok and Chiang Mai offers the ideal terrain for Downhilling. Velo are the only provider of this kind of riding in Thailand and offer the best riding gear for your confidence from standard downhill bikes to protective accessories.

A holiday to Thailand is a once in a lifetime experience and I hope these activities will help you enjoy your holiday whilst remaining as green as possible.