Thanksgiving involves friends, family and lots of food. It also involves opening your home and table up for viewing. Create your own Thanksgiving centerpiece of flowers to hold the spot for the real jewel of this occasion-the Thanksgiving turkey. Create a Thanksgiving centerpiece of flowers with step-by-step instructions. This tutorial takes you from the purchase through the final table display.

Things You Will Need



3 gallon bucket

Plant Food

Large Vase

Step 1

Pick up a bouquet from the local grocery store while doing your Thanksgiving food shopping. Choose one that has a mixture of flowers colored gold, yellow, orange and tangerine, the autumn colors. Add ribbon to your shopping cart that matches your table cloth colors.

Step 2

Mix the plant food inside the bucket following the manufacturer's instructions and let it sit for 30 minutes. Place the flowers one-by-one under running water, as you snip off 1/2 inch and put it into the bucket. Remove all leaves from the stems. Complete all flowers.

Step 3

Pick out your vase to use for your Thanksgiving centerpiece arrangement. Look for one with a large opening to allow more flowers or make your own vase by using an empty large mayonnaise jar washed thoroughly. Insert several oranges into the bottom of the vase to add color and weight. Fill the vase half way using water from the bucket.

Step 4

Examine your flowers. Pick out the ones that will naturally create a cascade effect by falling over the rim of the vase. Find the large flowers that will stand up straight as these become the high point of your centerpiece.

Step 5

Select the largest flower. Place it in the vase. Snip the ends if it is too tall, as you want the flower less than double the size of the vase. Surround it with other large flowers, snipping the ends, so these flowers are just a bit shorter then the largest one. Turn the vase around as you fill it with large flowers as you want flower fronts visible on all side.

Step 6

Add the cascading flowers last. Cut the ends of these flowers so they are taller than the rim of the vase. Place them on the outskirt of your arrangement by the rim. Allow them to fall over the sides of the vase.

Step 7

Step back from your Thanksgiving flower.arrangement. Check to ensure flowers face forward on all sides and there are no holes or empty spaces. Inspect the lines from the largest flower to the smallest flower to make sure it decreases in size gradually.

Step 8

Place the flower centerpiece on your table. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the vase into a bow and let the ends of the ribbon dangle down to the table. Surround it with small gourds of squash and maize corn.

Remove the vase when it is time to eat and place the turkey in its spot. After all, this day is about the turkey and it holds center stage.

Tips & Warnings

You can't go wrong with a flower display as long as it pleases you.