thanksgiving dinner(132292)Credit: morguefile.comToday we ate Turkey, stuffing, yams, corn, potatoes, ... and more.. Today was Thanksgiving Sunday (Canada).. Today was the day that I had 16 members of my extended family over for dinner. Monday is the actual holiday, so everyone had the next day off, and we were all overindulging and relaxing, with great food, family and music blaring..

I had planned my menu, and worked out every detail.. or so I thought. We have two big dogs, they are not the best with guests, so I had them stay in their crate until guests were settled in the house, then brought them out, one at a time, and everyone seemed to get along. They were good, and relished the attention, so I went back to my food preparations and stopped watching them, I guess hoping that my relatives would be watching them. I don't normally have to watch them, so I was not worried.

Drinks were being poured, and family stories were being told, and dinner was ready. I do not have a big table, so I spread out all the dishes for Thanksgiving dinner on the counter in my kitchen, and it was full. It turned out very well, and we all ate happily.

I just happened to look up, while yakking, and across the counter I could see two noses and before I could get out of the chair, something off a plate disappeared.. and it was gone completely!

Watch out for that Thanksgiving Turkey

I had no idea even what it was they ate, but was sure I saw a turkey leg go. They ran with it, and were gobbling it up as they ran, and me chasing them.

Our dogs have always been well behaved around us and at meal times, and had never done that before, but I guess today, all the rules went out the window, and just like small children, they found an opportunity to get a piece of this great Thanksgiving Dinner.

I had already fed them earlier, and they had got extras.. but when we were not looking, they were there.. I should have put them away then, but didn't. I let my family talk me into letting them stay.. thought they were so cute, especially my nephews who were playing with them.

Later, when we had cleared up dinner plates and packaged up leftovers, I then got out dessert. Desserts that guests had brought, one being a chocolate cheesecake. We got our coffee, tea and then this time I was ready for those dog noses!

Thanksgiving dinner and DogsCredit:

If I had not been watching, they would have easily grabbed chocolate cheesecake from my sister, who briefly put hers down on the coffee table while yakking. But one dog, decided to drink my brother's coffee. I had bought cream for this special occasion, and when I looked in the living room, he had put his mug on the coffee table, and there was my dog licking it! She had never done anything like that before.. so it must have been the cream! Gross!

Put your Dogs Away Somewhere Quiet during Thanksgiving Dinner

So, into their crates they went! I should have known better.

Dogs, are just like children, and will take an opportunity where they can find it. So, if you have a dog or cat or any pet. Make sure to keep them away, when you are entertaining. This is not your normal routine to them, so be ready for the unexpected!. I know you want them to be part of the celebrations, but in my case, my family and guests, were not used to dogs, and thought nothing of putting their plates of food on the coffee table while talking, or when finished.

A dog could so easily digest turkey bones, chocolate.. and more. Things that can make them very sick. You have to remember, their behavior in the house under normal conditions may be good, but these are exceptional circumstances.. Food is EVERYWHERE, and people that they can take advantage of, are all around, plus the fact that some of the guests may just feed the dogs because they like them, and not be thinking about what your dog is allowed to eat..

Even a well trained dog, would have a hard time resisting, Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and chocolate cheesecake for dessert! They don't know this is bad for them.!

Thanksgiving Dinner(132293)Credit:

Thanksgiving dinner and dogs do not mix!..

Now I will probably be up tonight with my dog, as she has already thrown up the food she should not have eaten. Plus they got themselves all wound up with having the extra guests in the house.

We all know that chocolate is lethal to dogs, but luckily she didn't get a chance to get that piece of cake. But what if she had? What if I was so busy being a hostess, and yakking to my family, that I had not noticed her eat chocolate? My family don't realize that nothing can be left on the table, or that the door to the outside can't be left open. My cat almost got out...

So, at the end of the day, I would say, introduce your dogs to your family, let them stay awhile, but once food is out, and things get hectic, put your dogs in another room, in their crates, or outside in a secure area. Don't let anyone talk you into letting them stay, like mine did. It is better for their well being. you cannot watch them very well, and anything can happen. From eating the scraps to getting out the door to the outside.

Turkey Bones from and Chocolate are like Poison to Dogs

I have a friend who is a veterinarian , and the holidays are the busiest for pet emergencies, from eating bones, chocolate and all sorts of things, they would not normally eat, but under the circumstances of a party, will overindulge just like us humans!

Keep your pets safe at Thanksgiving Dinner, or any other holiday... you don't want to be spending the next few days at the vet clinic unable to tell anyone, exactly what they ate, only that 1/2 the turkey is missing, and so is the dessert!

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