Thanksgiving Family Activities

Thanksgiving is a time that we spend to reflect and give Thanks on all that we have, however sometimes we can fall into doing the same things each year. Maybe you are looking for some new traditions for your family.  Consider planning one or more of these Thanksgiving activity ideas for the whole family to enjoy

 1. Sign up for a Turkey Trot Run/Walk

     Last year was our first year doing this and it is a great way to burn some calories so that you don't feel too bad about all the desert you will eat later that day. The money raised goes to a great cause and there are usually lots of fun games for the little ones. More than likely there is a race near you

2. Have a Pumpkin Hunt

    I used to Easter Egg hunts as a kid. This is the same concept, however mini pumpkins are hidden for the kids. The good thing about this activity is that it can be done indoors or outside.

3. Volunteer to Serve Food at a Shelter

      What better way to show thanks than giving to those who are less-fortunate. There are many organizations that host Thanksgiving meals. This would be a great time to pack up the family and serve others.

4. Document what you are thankful for

     Have everyone to write things that they are thankful for. This activity is great as it conditions us to have an attitude of gratitude.

5. Play Football

     Many people watch football, but how about getting outside and playing a game of family football. This could be ideal as it can help burn off some of those calories as well as make the kids sleepy and ready for a nap.

 6. Plan a Pumpkin Race

Separate the family into two or more teams depending upon how many of you there are. Be sure to include older and younger members on each team so everyone’s chances are similar. Mark the start and finish of the race and then have family members roll a pumpkin from one end of the race course to the other. If people don’t want to join in the game, they can cheer the others on.

Hope some of these ideas help to make your Thanksgiving time more memorable with your family

Happy Turkey Day!