Thanksgiving floral arrangements may be the last thing on your mind. Usually you'll just be focused on the food and so will your guests. In this case you can really have the decor take a backseat. However, just by adding in a few elements you can really make things feel tied together. It's pretty normal to feel inadequate around this time of year with all of the TV shows with all of the homemade and handmade items that normal people just don't have time to accomplish. This is why it can really be a lot of fun to just pull everything together quite quickly with just one or two decorations that will still be a lot of fun.

Look around your house for warm color items. This is also perfect if you are decorating at the last minute or just totally spaced the centerpiece. Just go around your house and collect warm colored items. You might think that the basic color palette for this holiday is red, orange, and yellow and these colors might seem a little bit garish to you. Instead, you probably have copper, gold, chocolate brown, or amber colored items around your house. Just group a lot of different vases, jars, boxes, frames, and even small paintings on easels together. This is a free way to decorate and allows you to really tell a story about who you are.

Focus in on your family. You could do this by decorating with fun photos. This will be a pretty unique centerpiece. Plus, it can be a conversation starter and will give a little bit more substance to more petite floral arrangements. Since your family will be gathering for the meal together really incorporate them into the decorations.

You could also just let your kids' have fun with lots of different odds and ends from your craft room. You'll be surprised at what they come up with. Find elegant ways to display their creations in bowls, jars, or on pedestals to really vary the height and size of the items. This can be something that they do while you work on getting dinner together.

Bring in autumn inspired elements. Some of these might even be left over from Halloween. You could arrange your flowers in a ceramic or decorative pumpkin. Another fun option is to bring in sunflowers. These are cheerful but at the same time really remind people of fall. Plus they are quite large so you really won't need a ton of them. This can be very casual in feeling and is a perfect decor idea for family events.

Remember that the space still needs to be functional. Look for smaller and lower centerpieces so your guests can still see each other and easily pass food around. You might want to have a separate area for serving so that there is some space for decor on your table.

Get the food in on the act. Look for stylish serving solutions by using ornate trays or just a set of matching baskets. This way the food acts as the centerpiece but it's also functional. This is a more casual take on the traditional Thanksgiving cornucopia.