If you are hosting a party, make sure you buy a frozen turkey or hire a catering service weeks in advance as it will save you time on the big day! The most stressful and important task of a host on Thanksgiving is ensuring everyone has enough to eat and if the food preparation is planned and timed properly then things will run smoothly! Along with providing delicious food to your guests, the other big task in ensuring everyone has enough room to be comfortable and a good view of the TV. Allow yourself to have fun and not be constantly worrying about whether everyone else is enjoying themselves! There is nothing worse than being stressed out on Thanksgiving so don't allow yourself to feel overwhelmed!

Being a guest in someone's house on Thanksgiving can be much less stressful and time consuming! If you are a guest this year, be sure to bring a pie or some other contribution to the meal. It is good manners and Thanksgiving tradition to bring something that can be shared by everyone.  The host has a difficult job on Thanksgiving but you can make it easier for them while also being curious! Pumpkin pies are a tradition but often there may too much of it.  Pecan pie or cherry pie is a great alternative and a nice little treat. There is always something to be said about originality and being creative can make you the talk of the party.  Show some manners and appreciation to your host and everything should work out fine!

Thanksgiving is a simple holiday and one that is should be easy to celebrate! It is one that is supposed to be fun and enjoyed! It also a holiday to give thanks and be grateful for what we have in our friends and family. Thanksgiving does not always go according to plan, and you may not be fully satisfied with everything you do or do not have, but be happy with what you do have! Whatever you do or wherever you go for Thanksgiving this year, make sure you are with people who you love being with! Happy Thanksgiving!