The first thing I really want to inform my loyal readers about Thanksgiving in the United States is to care about other people. Yes, there I go again being preachy. Oh come on. No one would know. Okay okay. Whatever you say. Correction: I have interest to inform my loyal reader, not readers. I think giving ideas on sharing is more important than telling my reader some interesting information about the beautiful holiday.

It is possible to donate a meal to a person(s) who doesn't have much to look forward to during Thanksgiving. First, it is a great idea to plan ahead and find out from your local food banks, churches, or social services what kind of food do they recommend you to bring. For me, a local charity called Los Angeles Mission during the holiday season always send letters to me asking for some monetary donations so they can have some more funds to feed people. Maybe there are facilities out there I don't know about that also accept food donations. After you have some ideas what food to bring, it would a good chance for you to spend some dazzling quality time with at least one person you have strong affection for/ care about. All parties would help out with the task of getting some charitable food to others to distribute.

Another way to donate food way is you decide to pick someone, or more than one, you want to help. Everyone involve gets to make decisions regarding having food for people to eat during Thanksgiving.

Now let's get to the good part. Well, it's actually good just for me. There will two products that may interest you in buying. Yes, you came across an article that was meant to sell items to readers.

The first product to browse . . . I mean to definitely buy is Turkey Stuffing Recipe Towel by Mary Lake Thompson, Ltd. That company also has other holiday-themed towels worth perusing. It is a towel with a white background. The first thing that caught my eye is the size of the drawing of a turkey on the top portion. Its main color is brown. It is definitely not a cartoonish illustration of the two-legged bird. It is depicted as an overweight animal that looks like it won't be able to move fast if it had to. Below the drawing are sixteen horizontal lines of text, which are directions for the turkey stuffing recipe. There are a lot of lively illustrations related to the kitchenware needed to create the food. It's worth to look at them. I'm not just saying that. Right now the goody is on sale for $7.95. You would save $1.55 from the regular price of $9.50. It is a 16% savings rate.

According to the detail page for the Turkey Stuffing Recipe Towel, customers who bought that towel also bought three other things: Cream Cheese Pumpkin Pie Recipe Towel, Chocolate Mousse Santa Recipe Towel, and Holiday Egg Nog Recipe Towel - Ornament Tree. The price for all three is $25.40. I will also list the product features for the towel. It is a one flour sack towel. It is perfectly sealed in clear wrapping paper when they ship it to you. It is a great gift for giving things to others, and absolutely fun for the whole family!! The towel is 30 x 30 in. featuring a gorgeous design by an artist name Mary Lake Thompson. The product is ranked #171,697 of all the Amazon Bestsellers in the Kitchen & Dining category.

I saw a unique product with a charming look called Thanksgiving Day Graham Cracker Box by Olde Naples Chocolate. It's so funny that I thought it was box to keep your graham crackers. Nevertheless, this is something I would like to receive. I love sweets. It seems like you only could choose from four different images to place on the box. The images are printed on 100% edible paper, applied to the cookie and then complemented with candy sprinkles. Perhaps you rather share your own image for the recipient(s) to see. You could do that. Look for the link that will take you to the page to upload your picture. This product is truly one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving gift or party favor. Well, that's what it says on product description.

As for a picture of a cracker, well they didn't provide any to make you hungry to buy them. Inside the box there would be eight white chocolate graham crackers decorated with artwork related to Thanksgiving. That deserves a big wow. They apparently would be hand decorated and no two crackers shall have the same design. The yummy food is packaged in a great clear gift box.

Olde Naples Chocolate is offering a chance to save 15% on each participating item when you spend on $25.00 or more on qualifying items offered by them. Enter code 3L4FNH5M when you get to the checkout page. Please note there is a legal disclaimer regarding the product packaging and materials. However, I'm sure everything will be okay if you were to purchase it.

A passive activity that you can do during Thanksgiving is watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the NBC Network. I've never had any interest in watching during my whole life. It's the same with my whole family. Thus, I didn't spend a lot of time searching some detailed information about it. Of course you always Google it. An alternative to using Google is Swagbucks it to give you a chance to earn a few swagbucks while searching. I currently have 140.

For some certain number of years, it was traditional for me to watch doubleheader NFL games on Thanksgiving. I would definitely plan to watch it when I really loved the sport. Now, I've moved on to other activities and don't really care about the games.

On Thanksgiving Day, you could give yourself a big headache by making a commitment to go out to shop on Black Friday. Some people forgo sleep after eating a great dinner on Thanksgiving and line up to be one of the early birds to snatch up material items for a low price.

I was planning to make this article at least 1000 words long. I have reached my goal, so it's time for me to give a quick synopsis of two more Thanksgiving topics.

From an article that states fun and interesting facts that surround the Thanksgiving holiday, it says that a full grown turkey have about 3500 feathers. No wonder they can't fly like Superman. The heaviest turkey ever live was 86,000 lbs. I'm just kidding. It was only 86 lbs. Lastly, they often sleep in trees and return home at the break of dawn.

If you have any interests in knowing more about pilgrims, you could read an article that has ten facts about them. All ten were fun to read. However, I would like to give credit to two Indians . . . I mean Native Americans (so many more people will know them) that were amicable to the Pilgrims and spoke perfect English - Squanto and Samoset. I was born in Los Angeles, and I'm sure they spoke the language better than me. Another note is the first ever Thanksgiving feast was based on Sukkot, a Jewish holiday that celebrates the fall harvest.

Some individuals are able to remember a year that had a momentous occurrence in world history. When they see or hear a year that rings their bells, their moods changes. The years that are eminent to me are 1492 and 1776. I would like people to think about 1620 as a year to remember that the ship named Mayflower with Pilgrims on board left Plymouth, England to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

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