Thanksgiving Decorations Thanksgiving Decor

All of us who love Thanksgiving love Thanksgiving home decor. Decorating for Thanksgiving can be simple or elaborate. The good news is that a lot of the decorations are interchangeable for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. All one need do is add a few decorations or take away a few and tada it's done. That's what I do anyway and I'm sure I'm not the only one. At the fast pace we live today anything we can do to save time is a go. I always start around the first week of October with Fall and Halloween decorations and continue to add, a little at a time, until Thanksgiving.

The goal is to make the home look homey and bring it to life. After all, most of us don't do any decorating after the Christmas and New Year's decorations come down. Consequently, from February on the house looks drab, so when Fall rolls around we start getting anxious to begin decorating. There may be a few who do Valentine decorations or a little 4th of July red, white and blue, but most of us skip the decorating part.

Thanksgiving Decor

One of my favorite ways to decorate for Thanksgiving is with baskets. You can make baskets look amazing in no time at all. Fruit baskets, flower baskets and plant baskets are a good start. Another great thing about baskets is that they come in so many sizes. Whether you have a small home or large baskets can be made to fit in quite nicely. After I take decorations down I use them as gift baskets and get double for my money. If you're watching money closely, like many of us do, baskets are easy on the budget.

Candles are always a nice touch for Thanksgiving decor and are similar to baskets in that they come in many sizes and are inexpensive. After all, you can get candles at the dollar store it doesn't get much cheaper than that. Another bonus is that you can get most any scent or color you want. This makes candles a very popular decoration, since the color scheme is key to making it all come together.

What about decorative string lights? Nowadays, they have all sorts of string lights for Thanksgiving. They're not just for Christmas anymore! They have candy corn, autumn leaves, pilgrims, pumpkins and of course, turkey string lights. As you can see some of them can be used for Halloween and Fall making it a decoration piece that stays in place until you begin Christmas decorations.

Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations

An excellent Thanksgiving outdoor decoration is the inflatable turkey. The kids will love it that's for sure. Kids love anything that is inflatable and big, especially if it lights up. Have you ever seen a turkey decoration LED light? Well, they're the king of lighted turkey Thanksgiving decorations. The one I saw had 200 bulbs and all I could say was wow! It cost over $150, a very impressive decoration. So, if you want to impress people on Thanksgiving sport a LED turkey light in the yard.

Okay, the inflatables and LED turkey lights are eye catchers, but if you're more conservative you might want to stick with more traditional outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. Autumn wreaths or garland hanging on the door might be more your speed. Another traditional idea for fun is a scarecrow, if you have kids they can help put him or her together and make it a family project.

Of course, pumpkins are an excellent choice. There are many ways to decorate the porch and yard with pumpkins and on turkey day use them for pies, cookies and other treats. Be creative and carve the pumpkins into turkey designs. Once again involve the kids to make it family fun.

Why not decorate a tree for Thanksgiving? As you know there are Thanksgiving string lights and Thanksgiving ornaments available online and in stores. You might be surprised at home many ornaments you will find for Thanksgiving. If you like to stand out in the crowd a Thanksgiving tree would be a great way to do it.

Once you get started Thanksgiving home decor ideas will pop into your head as you go. Go ahead, be creative and flow with whatever comes up. Don't let it be a chore, but instead involve friends and family members to make it enjoyable and fun.