Thanksgiving inflatables tend to get overlooked when it comes to decorating for this great November holiday. People are so focused on the interior of the house and what they will be setting the table with that they forget that they can decorate outside as well.


Many people think about Christmas inflatables when it comes to outside decor, but do not realize that there is a great collection of ones that can be used for Thanksgiving. Here we will showcase a couple of the great options that you have for decorating this year.



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Turkey and Scarecrow Outdoor InflatableCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Turkey Inflatable with Scarecrow and Pumpkin

This great Thanksgiving decoration combines many of the favorite characters of this holiday into one great display piece. Sitting on top the pumpkin, you can see the very popular Tom the Turkey that many decorate with for this holiday. With his arm around the turkey, you also find a great scarecrow with a friendly smile on his face.


This 6 foot tall Thanksgiving inflatable comes with everything that you need for quick and easy setup. The outdoor decoration self inflates in minutes and is weather resistant. This is very important because it is hard to know just what the weather will be in November.

Turkey Inflatable DecorationCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Turkey Pilgrim

The other design that you will find these decorations in is an inflatable turkey pilgrim. There are many different companies that have created designs around this theme so you have many different ones to choose from.


The one pictured here stands at 6 feet tall. It is lighted so that it can easily be seen in the evening from the road. This set comes with the stakes and compressor that make it easy to setup this display in no time.


Other Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations


There are many other items that you can use in addition to the Thanksgiving inflatables that have been described here. You can find some amazing lighted window silhouettes on Amazon that include a fall leaf and a cornucopia that will add to the fall look that you are going for.


You can also use the scarecrows and bales of hay that you put out for Halloween for the Thanksgivings decoration. Remember that this holiday is all about the bountiful fall harvest and this is what you want to represent in your decor.


One of the easiest pieces of decor that you can do is to put out a Thanksgiving flag to show the world that you are celebrating this year. It is a great way to welcome family and friends to your house for the big meal. The other nice thing is that once you have the flag pole up, you can change out flags through out the year to decorate with.


So take the time now to order your Thanksgiving inflatable for your yard to decorate the outside of your house just like you do the inside.



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