Spread cheer throughout your neighborhood this holiday season by decorating your home with Thanksgiving inflatables and outdoor yard decorations. Halloween is over, and it is a long month between Halloween and Christmas. People who are eager to keep the spirit of fun alive until the tree comes out have plenty of options with outdoor Thanksgiving décor.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. No matter what religion you are, we all have reasons to give thanks. The pilgrims came to our shores in 1620 seeking a better live, free from religious persecution and new opportunities. People still come to America today seeking these same things.

Here are some fun and colorful outdoor Thanksgiving decorations for your yard.

Thanksgiving Inflatables TurkeyCredit: www.amazon.com

Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey

Inflatable turkeys are sure to get you noticed when they are sitting in your front yard! This kitschy decoration is the quintessential Thanksgiving symbol. Made of tough, weather-resistant nylon, this inflatable turkey stands 6 feet high and comes with stakes and tethers to keep it securely tied to the ground. It self inflates in a matter of seconds (what fun that is for the kids to watch!) and it has a small blower to keep it filled with air. It is easy to store for the next holiday season.


Thanksgiving Inflatable Outdoor Yard Decoration ScarecrowCredit: www.amazon.com


This Thanksgiving inflatable can be set out on your lawn in October.  The scarecrow, jack o’lantern and turkey trio, which stands six feet tall, showcase all the fun and symbolism of the fall season.  It has internal lighting so it can be seen at night and is made of polyester. Like the turkey inflatable, it is easy to store once Thanksgiving is over.

Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving InflatableCredit: amazon.com

This Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving inflatable is almost 4 feet tall. It inflates in seconds.


Thanksgiving String Light Sets


Fall sting light setsCredit: www.amazon.com

Put away the pumpkin lights and get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with string lights.  There are different sets, like leaves and fall vegetables.  These light sets can brighten up your bushes and yard during the long autumnal nights.

This Thanksgiving mini light set comes with 50 leaves.  It has LED lights, which saves you a significant amount on your energy bill.

Turkey Window Lights

If you are not the type to put out strings of light sets for each holiday season, then Thanksgiving window lights is another option for lighting décor.  These holiday lights hang from inside your house and are mounted on the window.  

This turkey is made up of colorful mini lights.

Thanksgiving Outdoor LightsCredit: www.amazon.com

This cornucopia has lights in the back.
Cornucopia Thanksgiving LightCredit: www.amazon.comAnd this colorful turkey has lights in the back.
Thanksgiving outdoor lights turkeysCredit: www.amazon.comFlags for the Holiday

There are literally hundreds of different Thanksgiving flags from which to choose.  Some have funny turkeys while others are more serious in appearance.  There are brightly colored ones and those that are in the typical autumnal colors of red, orange, yellow and brown.  

Thanksgiving flagCredit: www.amazon.comWhimsical Thanksgiving Flag Outdoor Yard DecorationCredit: www.amazon.comThanksgiving outdoor yard decoration mailbox coverCredit: www.amazon.com

You can choose from small garden flags to decorate your walkway, or larger flags that are inserted into a flagpole. 

Thanksgiving Mailbox Covers

Mailbox covers are a fast, easy and inexpensive way to decorate the outside of your home.  These weather resistant covers adhere with magnets.  They are durable and can take the cold, wind and rain that is typical in many sections of the country during late fall.  There are several different mailbox covers from which to select.

Thanksgiving inflatables and outdoor yard decorations will brighten up your home during this festive holiday season.