Thanksgiving table decorations are one of the best ways to take your meal from being ordinary to being one that people will be talking about months after it happens. The food for the occasion is going to take center stage, but how you showcase it will make you stand out from the rest.


The types of Thanksgiving table decorations that you are going to need will vary depending on how large of a gathering that you will have. Multiple tables or a long buffet will need different décor than a sit down meal for two. So once you know the area that you will be decorating, it is time to purchase the items to make it look great.


Thanksgiving Tablecloths and Runners


The first layer of your setting needs to be your tablecloth or runner. You will need the dimensions of the table that you will be using for the meal to make sure that you make the best selection possible.


You can go with a fall or harvest pattern for your décor. These are nice because they can be used from about September through November on your tables. You can also choose to go with a solid color like a pumpkin color table cloth. The solid colors are nice because they give you a simple backdrop for your other pieces to stand on.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces
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Thanksgiving Centerpieces

The most traditional and often used centerpiece for Thanksgiving table decorations is a cornucopia. This item has been used for years to help to showcase the harvest and its abundance. You can get one that is assembled with fresh flowers and fruits to give your table a feeling of being alive. There are also some great ceramic cornucopias that you can get for your table that can be used from year to year.


Another option for a Thanksgiving centerpiece is a floral piece with candles included in it. Lighting the candles can really help to set the mood for your meal.


Place Card Holders


Do not overlook this piece of your table. You do not want everyone standing around the table and unsure where to sit when the meal is served. You can purchase adorable turkey themed ones or ceramic pumpkin place card holders to help people to know where they will be sitting.


Salt and Pepper Shakers


You can get some amazing ceramic salt and pepper shakers to set on your table in great pumpkin and fall themes. These pieces are highly collectible not to mention that they will be a great conversation piece at your Thanksgiving dinner. You want to make sure that you get a couple sets of salt and pepper shakers so that people can reach them no matter where they are sitting for the meal.


Harvest Plates
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Harvest Plates

You have taken a lot of time and effort to create wonderful food for your Thanksgiving meal. You need to take as much care in choosing what dishes to serve it on. A plain white plate might be ok for week night meals. However, this meal should be served on something that elevates it to where it should be.


Many dish companies have created over the years Harvest patterns for their dishes. You can find Harvest dishes in stock at Amazon now.


There are many great choices here for Thanksgiving table decorations that will make your meal stand out and be noticed. It is important that you take the time to prepare where you are going to put the food that you put your heart and soul into. So make sure to order your décor today!