vintage baseball card
Credit: google images

One of the biggest news stories today celebrates a baseball card find in Ohio.  In the attic of his grandfather’s home, a man finds three million dollars worth of 1910 baseball cards in almost pristine condition.  According to the experts who authenticated them, they feel any other discovered cards of that time will be measured by those cards. 

Farmhouse Find

How many of us have moved into old homes and never went into the attic or searched the basement?  Many of us could be sitting on potential gold mines because we failed to pay attention to what may have been left behind by others for us to find.  In February 2012, a family going through an old farmhouse of a loved one; came across some old baseball and boxing cards.  Not knowing what they had, they took their finds to a local card shop.  The  most valuable of the cards was one called “Anonymous” and it is considered a rare find.  The value of the card is around twenty thousand dollars. 

Storage Find

  Some of us actually find old baseball cards and because we have no idea of their value; we simply throw them away or give them away.  Now that’s just ridiculous, don’t you think?  Going to flea markets, storage unit auctions or estate sales you may make some great discoveries.  In 2009, an 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings baseball card was found in a storage unit.  Oddly enough, the woman who purchased the unit and discovered the card had no idea of its value.  She actually placed the baseball card on Ebay for ten dollars.  Thank goodness, she had a friend that recognized what she had and made her take down the auction.  That card was worth about seventy five thousand dollars. 

How will you know what your card finds are worth?  First, get yourself a baseball card price guide.  These will give you a lot of information on the worth of the cards you find.  If that doesn’t help you, look for an expert in the field that can help with the valuations of your cards.  Be careful that you don’t get taken by someone trying to cash in on your find. 

Your accidental fortune may be just one garage sale, storage auction, estate sale away.  The old house that you just purchased with the attic may be worth you taking a look.  Who knows what may be waiting to be discovered.  Your future will look a lot brighter with a few million dollars worth of baseball cards.  So stop reading and start looking.