Advertising has become a way of life for people worldwide. You can't go anywhere without seeing ads in some form. The average consumer, just like you and me, only pays attention to the advertisements that catch their eye. We've grown up in a world where we see thousands of advertisements in any given day and, because of that, we have trained ourselves to not pay close attention to them. In other words, the only ads we, as consumers, care about are the ones that are unique and stand out from the rest.

Our society is extremely technologically advanced compared to how it was just decades ago. The media plays an important role in all of our lives, whether it be television, newspapers, computers and the internet, magazines, or even something as simple as listening to the radio on your way to work in the morning. The one thing that everyone is worried about though is has the media gone too far? It's no surprise that advertisements make their way into all of these things, but why is it necessary to project ads onto sidewalks or make bulletin boards that give off smells? I don't think that is necessary at all. Consumers see advertisements enough in all the things that they do from day to day. Just because there is empty space on the sides of buildings, bridges, and sidewalks doesn't mean we have to fill them. Cities and towns all over will be cluttered with ads if the media keeps advertising like this. We won't even be able to walk out of our own homes without being bombarded with ads in every direction. What are they going to do next, surgically insert a tiny microchip into our brains that run advertisements nonstop for twenty-four hours a day? We all know that that is going way too far, but exactly when does "too far" begin? Where does the line start? If we don't say something soon it might go that far and then we won't know when exactly the point of "too far" was reached or how to fix it.

We all know that advertising is good to an extent. Without it, many products would never get sold simply because the consumers would never hear about it. However, our world should not revolve around these advertisements. Buying products should not be the main focus of our minds all the time, but with these advertisements so blatantly in front of our faces every second of our lives it really is hard to completely discard that information from our thoughts. Just think about how many times a day you say out loud or think to yourself, "man, I wish I had that" or "I wonder how long it will take for me to make enough money to afford that because it's so much better than the one that I have."

Our lives are completely consumer-driven, whether you realize it or not. These advertisements are making this problem much worse and should be stopped at some point in the near future before it really does reach the point of no return. Most advertisements are trying to sell things that people want instead of just what product they are trying to sell. For example, I vaguely recall a commercial from a few years ago that was selling a car and saying something about how the car makes you freer. So, to the consumer, they are advertising to sell freedom, not necessarily the car itself. Advertisements should be kept simple and to the point, while also being eye-catching. All in all, we know that our world and economy could not possibly survive without advertisements, but we need to cut back on them. Somewhere, we, as consumers, need to draw that line and say enough is enough so that our entire world won't be taken over with people selling us their products. We need to decide for ourselves how far is too far and let others know when that line is crossed before it's too late.