Those Down Spiraling Words and Mini Phrases

There are words that a person sometimes use that cause them to stand still. These words make them incapable of moving forward. Here is a list of the words and mini-phrases with some examples and suggestion of other words that can be used or why they should not be used:

  1. I Can't, You Can't (All possibilities end here)
  2. I Won't (stubborn and blocking progress)
  3. I'm not sure - subtitute : "I will have to check into that"
  4. Maybe - substitute: "let's wait and see"
  5. I'll try (As in "have a good day". Response: "I'll try")
  6. I'm just...(aren't you better than that?)
  7. I think (too doubtful)
  8. Well (?) why would we use it other than sending a get well card?
  9. If (why aren't you sure?)
  10. But (this means whatever was said right before it, is not true)


Down Spiraling Words
Credit: Vanessa Israel

Why would you say that?

There are also some words that keep a person on the floor of life, those descriptive words that a person can call themselves or someone else. If they continue to use negative words they can lead themselves to act on them and can become immersed in negative situation after situation without knowing why.  Sometimes  they are not in a negative situation yet they become mediocre because they are speaking in mediocrity or worse.  Action starts with a thought which leads to a habit if said repeatedly. Read each word and think about how a person may put themselves in the wrong place mentally.

  1. Impossible
  2. Never
  3. Stupid
  4. Dumb
  5. Hate
  6. Klutz
  7. Idiot
  8. Shallow
  9. Useless 
  10. I'm Tired (go to sleep)
  11. I'm Bored (?)
  12. I've had enough (why are you still here)
  13. I'm crazy (see you later)
  14. I'm sorry - are you a sorry person?  - substitute: excuse me or I apologize
  15. I'm helpless (get moving)
  16. I'm hopeless (stop)
  17. I never win anything - (you are making it so)
  18. I'm such a loser (become a winner even if you feel like a loser) substitute: I will win
  19. I'm confused (educate yourself)
  20. It's my fault (apologize but do not carry fault) substitute: I did it... and let it go
  21. I'm worried (you can't do a thing about it, don't waste time worrying)
  22. I'm sick and tired (as soon as you said it you became it)
  23. I'm my own worst enemy (it could be true) just do something about it, don't get stuck
  24. I have the worst luck (I'm not surprised! if you say that every time you don't get something)
  25. I need (you will have a difficult time obtaining a thing if you just keep saying you need it, go get it)

 There are some other things that people say which causes one not to take responsibility or doubt themselves. Continuing to speak this way can leave a person in a rut one way or another.

  1. They made me (really?)
  2. Because of (person's name) I am in the state I am in (dont' blame)
  3. If it was not for (person's name)
  4. If only they would (don't stop living waiting for someone to start living)
  5. What did I do? (once you ask it...listen to the response...that is what you did)
  6. I don't understand (work to understand)
  7. You always (this takes you and the other person both into a down spiral)
  8. They always
  9. I can never (you cannot because you keep saying it)
  10. You can never
  11. He always
  12. She always
  13. I can never do anything right (this cannot be true)
  14. It's always been like this (because you keep saying it)
  15. It's because of me (It is already obvious) Substitute: I apologize and move on
  16. you make me sick (don't let anyone do that to you)

I will stop there. It does not take a long time to get to 100 when you start using negative phrases. I did not even touch the sentences.  Obviously there are a lot more than 100 words that people use that lead to down spiraling events in life. Can you think of any more that I have not used here? If so, please reply and let me know. I am always interested in becoming more successful in my conversation and in my life. It can also help someone else who just may not consciously be thinking about what they are saying.