Business Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Where would we be without our smart phones and mobile apps these days?  The iPhone is making the art of business easier and more convenient than ever.  With this list of the 10 best business apps for the iPhone, you are never more than an icon button away from your key business data, your contacts, your to-do list, your travel details, etc.  

If you are looking to get the most out of your iPhone when it comes to business and productivity tools, read on.  The best part is that eight of these ten applications are free.  

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Summary of the Best Business Apps for iPhone
Here is a quick snapshot of the 10 application I cover here.  If you would like more details on each one, scroll down past the table.  

App Name Price iOS Type What it Does
Roambi Free* iPhone, iPad Data visualization and dashboards
LinkedIn Free iPhone, iPad Manages business contacts
Evernote Free iPhone, iPad Clips pages, photos, takes notes
Wunderlist Free iPhone, iPad To-do list
Dropbox Free iPhone, iPad Online file storage and access
TripTracker Free iPhone, iPad Manages flights, cars, hotels, etc.
Salesforce Mobile Free* iPhone, iPad Mobile version of Salesforce CRM
MindNode $5.99 iPhone, iPad Mind mapping tools
LogMeIn Ignition $29.99 iPhone, iPad Remote access of your computer
Dragon Dictation Free iPhone, iPad Speech to Text

*The app is free, but there may be some prerequisites or other requirements that are not free.  


1. Roambi - This is by far the best dashboarding application for the iPhone.  I am amazed by the beautiful designs of the graphs and the interactivity.  It allows managers and executives to track key performance indicators like sales, pipeline, etc.  Roambi connects to a wide variety of data sources, including Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Salesforce, SAP, etc.  Connecting to Excel, HTML and CSV sources is entirely free; however, some of the other more advanced data connections will require a subscription fee.  

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 10 Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 4

2. LinkedIn - Let's face it: networking is a requirement of business, and nobody provides a better tool than LinkedIn.  I use this app to manage my business contacts and stay current on industry news.  In fact, I've found that this app is replacing the need to exchange business cards.  LinkedIn did a great job designing this app; it is very clean and intuitive. 

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 3

3. Evernote - Not only does this app belong here on my list of best business mobile apps, but it also belongs on a list of the best apps, period.  Evernote captures information and remembers it so that you don't have to.  You can use it to clip web pages, record audio, save photos, or simply to take text notes.  At a conference, I'll take a photo of a white board, record audio from a presentation and add my own notes and Evernote takes it all in.  In the background, Evernote is syncing this information with my two computers, which have a desktop version of Evernote installed.  Oh, and Evernote can actually identify text within photos and return those results when I go back and search.  Amazing.  

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 9

4. Wunderlist - I've tried three or four to-do applications (including paid apps) and settled on this one, even though it is free.  I like it because it is simple and easy to use, without a bunch of unnecesary bells and whistles, plus they've got a desktop version of this app that automatically syncs with the phone app.

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 2

5. Dropbox - This one is very popular, so I'll be surprised if you don't already know about it, but I still had to include it in my list.  Dropbox allows you to upload files to the Internet and access them from wherever you can get a connection.  I love how it syncs with my other devices, like my computers.  You get a certain amount of space for free and you can purchase additional space if necessary. 

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 7

6. TripTracker - TripTacker is a must-have app for anyone who travels.  Here's how it works: download the app, enter your frequent flyer details, hotel rewards details, auto rental loyalty numbers, etc. and you are all set.  Now, whenever you book a new reservation with any of those companies, TripTracker will know about it automatically and provide you a summary of everything you need to know, including departure gates, weather, and more. 

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 6(64462)

7. Salesforce Mobile - If your company doesn't use, skip to #8 on this list.  Otherwise, this is a nice mobile version of the Salesforce CRM application.  You'll get access to accounts, contacts, dashboards, and pretty much everything else you can find in the regular Salesforce system.  The app is free, but you'll need to have a Salesforce account to do anything with it.

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 6

8. MindNode - I'm a big fan of mind-mapping.  If you are too, this is a nice app.  That's really all there is to say here.  

Top 10 Best iPhone Business Apps - 5

9. LogMeIn Ignition - I use LogMeIn with all my computers.  With this app, I can access those PCs from my phone.  This is one of those productivity apps that amazes me.  We may not have flying cars yet, but we can access our computers remotely from our phones, which is pretty cool.  

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10. Dragon Dictation - This is another very cool app that you can use to improve your efficiency and get business done faster.  You hit the button, talk, the system turns your voice into text, and you can copy that text into an email, text message, etc.  I've found that the accuracy is not perfect, but it will get you close.  

There you go--my list of the 10 best business apps for iPhone.  If you are an app junky, be sure to check out my lists of iPhone photo apps, iPhone video apps, and my selection for the best iPhone running app.  Enjoy!