M&M Commercials

The focus of this article is on M&M commercials, because quite frankly: who can resist these little bite sized chocolate candies? While M&M's may not to constantly discussed these days as they once were, they are still as prevalent in check out lines and at major holiday events (especially Halloween!). M&M commercials are almost always great because of the rather sarcastic sense of humor they tend to be paired with, and honestly, who doesn't like anthropomorphized candy? MAR's INC. certainly knows how to communicate with their audience and make their candy feel real, and this certainly has something to do with how many of these candies are sold on a yearly basis; even with relatively minimal advertising. Of course, M&M's also taste great and are enjoyed by people of all ages. I hope you enjoy this collection of M&M commercials that I have found to be some of the greatest over the years!

1. M&M's "Kiss Somebody"

This is a great commercial that ties together both M&M's notorious animated characters and characters from the movie Shrek 2. As many would know, Shrek is known for being a film that is both family friendly; yet it still is able to appeal to a wider audience including adults. The humor is almost always very well done, and this commercial gets the often sarcastic tone of M&M's and the British styled satire of Shrek just right. One of the best features of this commercial is how a very small story is able to be told, as opposed to typical advertising which just focuses on describing the product. With animated commercials like this, watching commercials on television is at least bareable.

2. M&M's "Hungry Eyes"

This is a relatively recent commercial for M&M's released in the early part of 2011. If you have watched television at all this year, you have probably seen it. What is so charming about this M&M advertisement is in part the cinamotagraphy (I love how the camera zooms in and feels very involved in the scene, like you are right there), and more importantly the comedic value. You have the awe inspiring woman, the interchange between the orange M&M and the pretzel, and of course at the end of the commercial we are introduced to the man simply known as "Hungry Eyes." Continuing in M&M's long tradition of having great commercials that sell their product and entertain, I think this one will be on the air for quite some time.

3. M&M's "Christmas Faint"

Holiday advertising on television is often extremely annoying, with a heavy focus on selling products with an overuse of sappy music and dialogue. The M&M's commercial titled "Christmas Faint" is not like the majority of these commercials, as it incorporates it's trademark humor with the relatively loveable animated M&M characters for which they are famous. In this commercial, the cartoon candies meet Santa Clause; and of course in seeing the M&M's before him, Santa passes out. That's right! Mars Candy is suggesting that M&M's are so good that they have reached a mythological standing that far surpasses Santa Clause. I am pretty sure this commercial airs every year during the holiday season since it's release in earlier in the millenium (around 2,000 or so).

4. M&M's "Shiver"

I am not sure if this M&M's commercial ever aired on television, however in researching the best M&M commercials for this article (on YouTube of course) I stumbled upon this one which instantly became a classic in my book. The title is "Shiver" and the commercial displays the M&M characters in a freezer. At the time, Mars was promoting their new M&M Ice Cream Treats; which certainly added some variety in terms of their product line and commercial concepts. I particularly enjoyed this commercial because it is relatively dramatic, and the subtle sexual innuendo which was thrown in near the end refering to "shrinkage" (of the yellow candies M). YouTube comments have suggested that this is a throwback to Seinfield, though I do not watch that show enough to be certain of this as a fact. I'd suggest checking this commercial out and having a good laugh for yourself!

5. M&M's "Star Wars"

I absolutely love the tie ins the M&M characters have the opportunity to do with various movies. Of course, like many male nerds, Star Wars is one of my favorite film series. Apparently, during advertising for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the M&M's finally met their match with Darth Vader in this somewhat strange and ultimately hilarious advertisement. M&M's were promoting their limited run of "dark side" M&M's, and of course Darth Vader was the one pitching them as the next best thing. The red character decides to confront Vader and inform him that they will not be joining the dark side. To this Darth Vader responded with a force choke hold. The yellow M&M promptly insists that they will "start Monday." And that my friends is how the Empire got its start!

6. M&M's "Tattoo"

I love M&M advertisements because of the humor. I know, I know, I've said this a few times throughout this article; but it is undeniably the best quality they contain. This commercial so boldly points out that M&M's Pretzel candies were voted best product of the year. Of course, this is nothing new in the world of advertising. Companies love showing off their high honors when they receive them. While Mars Inc. is no different, they give it a little bit of a different spin that almost makes them seem a little bit humble in their reception of the award. If you ask me, the humor at the end is just spot on. Judge for yourself, though! Still, I consider this one of the best M&M commercials because of how they company is able to sell its products without being annoying.

7. M&M's "Blue Man"

This commercial makes me feel like the M&M's cartoon characters actually have personalities outside of being candy. Strange, I know. What is found in this commercial is the blue M&M informing what I presume to be Mars Inc. that he no longer wants to be a "spokescandy" for M&Ms. In an absurd but humerous twist, he has apparently joined the infamous Blue Man Group and is now gigging with them. To make this commercial even better, the commercial is ultimately promoting a real life search to "reunite" the M&M's which requires people to "look under the wrapper." The more I see these advertisements, the more I have to think about how genius they really are.

8. M&M's "Eat and Swim"

I primarily chose this advertisement by M&M's because I found it to be an amusing and witty take on the old adage "Don't eat and swim." Not to mention, famous actress Halle Berry is also featured in swim attire with apparent interest in eating the new orange crispy M&M who is also sunbathing in the pool. Sometimes you just have to accept that simplicity is the best way to advertise, and this is simple yet very effective.

9. M&M's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

Of course this is a blatant tie in to the film with the same name. And, of course, the film was very so-so in it's reception (I personally am not a huge fan, though it is amusing for all the action sequences!). This commercial, however, makes light of Optimus Prime and essentially depicts him as a truck that works to transport M&M candies (specifically strawberry peanut butter ones!). In a fit of rage, Optimus Prime either "transports" the candies very quickly by throwing a truck load of them to the right destination; or he is just tired of working there. Either way, it is still rather hilarious to think about and watch. The ad is much better then the movie by a long shot.

10. M&M's "Make New Earholes"

Finally, this is what I deem my "favorite" M&M commercial of all time. It features a rather depressed and apparently aged green M&M candy, with brown hair and missing a patch in the back, wondering if he needs to "make new earholes." This commercial is one that is a little bit touchy, in that it sort of seems to be depicting an interest in suicide to a degree. More importantly, it makes us wonder just how these animated characters "hear." A thought provoking question for sure, and one that doesn't really need an answer; but it is still funny to have it asked to the audience. All I ask is that Mars Inc. brings this ad back on the television!

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of what I have found to be the 10 best M&M's commercials throughout the years. There are so many that have been created, it is hard to even know where to start. A simple YouTube search led me to hundreds of commercials, even more when you consider the apparent "fan-made" commercials for this brand of candy. This following represents well done and generally very family friendly advertising on behalf of Mars Incorporated, and even more importantly a great product that everyone loves!

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