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If you're taking a trip with the kids, then knowing what the 10 best places to visit in Florida with the kids is your ticket to a successful trip or vacation that will have you be able to relax and will entertain the kids so that there is no boredom to ever be found.


1. Walt Disney World

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A trip to Florida is incomplete without a visit to Disney World. Enjoy all the fun that Disney has to offer with rides, restaurants, and shows all in a family friendly atmosphere that will have the kids excited for days before and days after your visit. This fact by itself makes it one of the 10 best places to visit in Florida with the kids.


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2. Universal Studios


With themed roller coasters galore, a visit to Universal Studios will even bring out the kid in you. Make sure you plan on spending another entire day here as well.


3. Sea World

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Go feed the dolphins, watch a show with killer whales, and go ride some roller coasters. That's what an afternoon is like at Sea World, and it is sure to keep everyone busy the entire day. That's why it is one of the 10 best places to visit in Florida with the kids.


4. Legoland Florida

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The world's largest Legoland park, Legoland Florida offers roller coaster rides, an imagination zone where you can build Lego cars, interactive rides, live shows, and plenty more to fill up your day. Not only is Legoland Florida fun, it is educational, and that makes it one of the 10 best places to visit in Florida with the kids.


5. The Everglades

What kid doesn't like the swamp? Stand still long enough and you're sure to see an alligator, or go canoeing, kayaking, or even biking throughout the park with the family.


6. Key West

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Driving out over the Keys can be a special experience, and so can a boat ride or tour from a vendor on Key West. It's a quiet, peaceful, small town feel that will let you and your family relax, enjoy the beaches, and maybe a few waves.


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7. Lowry Park Zoo

Rated the best zoo in the United States by parents for parents, the Lowry Park Zoo contains 2,000 animals and features interactive exhibits, shows, and rides - not to mention dining on site. Spend the day exploring and learning about animals at this great zoo.


8. Historic Spanish Point

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With a butterfly garden, buildings that date back to 1901, and an interactive museum that allows you to learn about the state's unique history, a trip to Historic Spanish Point in Sarasota is well worth the trip.


9. Miami Children's Museum


Looking for a fun and safe environment to just turn the kids loose and let them play, explore, and learn, then the Miami Children's Museum is for you. Enjoy talking like a pirate or learning about protecting the environment from a guitar slinging superhero. You won't want to walk the plank after visiting here!


10. Shipwreck Island

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And if you just want to get wet, get out to Shipwreck Island and enjoy all the slides, pools, and splashing fun that you can handle.


Knowing the 10 best places to visit in Florida with the kids will be able to keep your vacation relaxing and the kids happy - two very, very good things.