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A trip to the 10 best places to visit France should be on everyone's agenda at least once in their lives. Burgeoning with art centers, metropolitan areas, skiing communities, and little villages nestled amongst mountain peaks, France has something to offer anyone on any budget.


1. Eiffel Tower


A visit to arguable the most iconic construction in France is a must. With rides to the top available, lunch or dinner below, a trip to the Eiffel Tower will be a memory you'll never forget. Just be careful not to step on any mimes.


2. Bordeaux Region

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With historic attractions, a bustling atmosphere filled with cafes and shops, and of course plenty of excellent wine, Bordeaux is one of the 10 best places to visit in France simply because everyone will be happy and have things to do. And don't forget about the wine.


3. Nord-Pas des Calais

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One look at the beautiful, blue, opaque water and warm, sandy beaches here will make you want to ignore the rest of France so you can settle your toes into the sand. Find out why they call this the Opal Coast with the miles of hiking trails to explore.


4. Brittany

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With over 1,000 miles of coastline to explore, you can spend your whole vacation right here. Whether you're in it for cliffs overlooking pounding seas or calm, pink granite beaches, everything that Brittany has to offer makes it one of the 10 best places to visit in France.


5. The Louvre Museum

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A visit to France is incomplete without visiting the most frequented art museum in the world. Explore the pyramids or the plethora of world famous art contained within its walls that originally opened in 1793. The fact that you could spend an entire vacation here makes it one of the 10 best places to visit in France.


6. Courchevel

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Nestled amongst seven and eight figure homes, you can find affordable deals in lodging and skiing in Courchevel. Exploring glitz and glamor while you hit the slopes. You might even rub elbows with some celebrities during your stay - you never know! After a hard day of skiing, you can also then warm up in one of the many gourmet restaurants.


7. Val d'Isere

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If you're an advanced skier, then you simply must visit the resorts at Val d'Isere. With challenging runs over an extensive and varied terrain, you can take your world class skiing to another level here.


8. French Riviera

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A trip to France is incomplete without a trip to the French Riviera. Beautiful beaches, beautiful bodies, and beautiful food highlight every trip. Bring blindfolds for the children if you don't want them to see the more extravagant beachwear some may wear!


9. Normandy

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Get a feel of history as you step onto the beaches of Normandy and the shores that once covered with soldiers fighting for the freedom of France and the rest of Europe against the Axis forces.


10. The Loire Valley

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Wrap up your trip to France with a journey through the Loire Valley and experience medieval France at its greatest. View and tour magnificent castles, fine gardens, and extravagant grounds as you step back into the 1500's.


When it comes to a vacation in France, remember the 10 best places to visit in France and you will be certain to have a fabulous time no matter how long your stay is.