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Many people want to know what the current top 10 Playstation 3 video games are. While there is of course a level of subjectivity behind a list like this, there are universal traits, game reviews, and game discussions on online forums and blogs (such as which feature specific games very prominently because of how good they are. For the sake of this article, I will be seeking out unique video games that many individuals seem to love. This will not be a list of games that sell the most, as sales do not always translate into a "good" game as many gamers would define it. Additionally, these will be placed in an arbitrary rank. I would not consider number 10 as "just slipping in" to this list, nor would I consider number 1 to be the absolute best. They are from a variety of genres, and it is important to keep this in mind!

1). The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion instantaneously sprawls into my mind when I am addressed with the question, "What is the best PS3 video game you have played?" There are multiple reasons for this. This was the first video game I played on this new generation of Playstation. I have been a long term Playstation user, for multiple reasons, and was very excited to see an expansive, highly acclaimed RPG would soon be arriving.

When I first played Oblivion, I did not actually own a PS3 myself. In fact, my brother essentially bought this for me to play on his console. Needless to say, I poured hours upon hours in the game. The mythological story, to the detailed landscape and interesting fighting sequences kept me returning for more. An RPG (role-playing game) should make the player feel as if they are really in the shoes of the character they are playing as. For the first couple of hundred hours (this would appear to be an average for gamers who love this game!), I was sucked into the gameplay and constantly seeking out new things to be found in the game. Even to this day, I have not completely every side quest; nor would I honestly expect to be able too.

For better and for worse, I have essentially put down the controller on this game as I am very much waiting for the new Elder Scrolls video game: Skyrim. For those who have not played Oblivion, however, I would advise that you look into picking this up soon. Very shortly, I would expect it to decrease heavily in price and be beyond worth what you may be able to pick it up for.

2). Portal 2

Portal 2 is one of the more recent video games that has managed to brace for impact on this list. Valve has really outdone themselves with creating a game that has a compelling and unique gameplay mechanic, as well as conveying two full length stories which can only be described as captivating. In fact, as I reached the end of my first play through of the single player campaign; I was blown away by the theatrics and the very climax of the video game. It felt more like some bizzar dark comedy film as opposed to just a video game.

For those who are unaware, Portal 2 is a unique puzzle game which uses "science" and can be a real challenges for gamers of all type. The perspective is interesting as it appears to be similar to a first-person shooter, however their is no killing (unless you count the few robots who "die", but actually get disguarded and repaired). The gameplay itself is not complex by any means. There are enough challenges and unique items (such as bouncy gel, speed gel, gravity fields, and lazers) which you get to manipulate in order to aid in solving puzzles.

The multiplayer experience is one of the reasons I purchased this game the week of its launch. I have been craving a new video game which I could play with my girlfriend, and undoubtedly this has been a fun one for both of us. It brings about an interesting way of playing video games together, as requires thought, energy, and some mental work to actually solve the puzzles in this game.

Finally, Portal 2 will remain high on my list because of developer Valve's user community and the ability to create new levels; which will be playable on all ports of the game. If you are unfamiliar with Portal, or do not think it deserves such an honor of being on a top 10 list, I would advice you check out this video on the importance of Portal in modern gaming.

3). Super Rub A Dub

This game may come as a particularly odd choice. With that said, despite its relatively low scores by critics (If I recall correctly, IGN gave this game a 2 out of 10), I must say that this has been one of the most pleasant games I have ever played. While it is understandably not the most exciting game on the market, in the company of friends or at a party; this game has found a high desirability. In this modern day, with the exception of music based games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, very few games cater to groups of individuals. On many occasions, I have found myself playing this simple rubber duck game with others and simply laughing, having a good time, and being captivated by the controls and graphics.

The latter qualities stand out to me in many respects, perhaps in ways most critics seem to ignore. For one, the graphics are beautiful. The water looks extremely real, and the bathtubs in which the rubber ducks are floating do the job of conveying a game-like atmosphere. The control scheme is very simply, with everything being done using the Sixaxis control (tilting the controller to move, thrusting it upwards to let the duck jump). The actual objective of the game is equally simple: collect the "baby" ducks and save them from the robotic sharks.

It may not be a groundbreaking game, and it might not be a 100 hour RPG; but it is certainly worth the buy from the Playstation store if you plan on having a group of friends over. To note: This game gets even better if alcohol is involved, as you can imagine.

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