Little Big Planet Sackboy

If you have not, feel free to check out games 1-3 that made my top 10 list! Let me continue with games 4-6.

4). Demon's Souls

As may be evident to some of the more "hardcore" gamers amongst my viewers, you may have noticed in my previous article that many of the games were relatively casual and easy to get into. That is inherently changing by the incorporation of Demon's Souls on my list. As may become increasingly evident, I am very open-minded with the video games I play; and I enjoy games from all genres and difficulty levels. At the time of purchasing Demon's Souls, I was interested in a video game that would be both difficult and time consuming. I have grown tired of buying video games for $30+ dollars and only getting a few hours of playtime in until it has grown to be relatively boring.

Demon's Soul changed this for me, and many other gamers. It would be an understatement that this game is both very difficult and very irritating. In many respects, this game feels like a throwback to video games of old because of its primary mechanic: if you die, you have to start the level over from the start. This can border on agony, and even cause tears in some of the more dramatic gamers (not myself thankfully). In Demon's Souls you may find yourself fighting your way through hordes of enemies for an hour, only to reach a new area of a stage then die. When you die at this point, things become increasingly difficult as you have to tediously work your way back through the level; fighting the same enemies and seeing the same sights. To some, this sounds unappealing. Where is the fun in that?

In all honesty, Demon's Souls is not all about fun. It is one of those games I had to get because I was compelled that I needed to beat it to prove that I could to myself. It is a mental challenge that rivals the challenges military members are put through during basic training and Hell Week. Perhaps I am taking video gaming too seriously, but this is how it feels to me; and how it feels to so many others.

In addition to the difficulty of this game, the gameplay is fairly enjoyable on the whole. It is relatively simple, with the ability to customize your character slightly and weird a variety of weaponry (spears, swords, crossbows, and so forth). The AI enemies are on the whole very smart, which adds to the challenge. Also important is the atmosphere, which more often than not feels very bleak from the dark color palet to the dark, subtle music. Oftentimes, music is not even present and all you can hear is your own footsteps. The mood in the game is unsettling. Finally, boss fights are prominent level enders; and are generally fantastic spectacles which mix up the gameplay in a unique way.

5). Bioshock

Bioshock was one of the first first-person shooters I played on Playstation 3. In fact, it was the first one I purchased after I bought my own console. The atmosphere conveyed is in many respects similar to the one found in Demon's Souls. It is dark, bleak, and darkly humerous throughout. The story is very well done, and only really becomes painful to bear in the final moments of the game (unfortunately). With that flaw aside, this game is a must-own for anyone who is into first-person shooter styled video games. But be weary! This is no Call of Duty replica. This game holds its own.

First, let me mention that the graphics in Bioshock are just...shocking. They simply blew me away on multiple occasions. The color pallete works extremely well, and just simple effects like those of the water and lighting have been done so well that I often felt like I was really in the game. Second, the weaponry and "plasmid" powers were very interesting. In a way, gamers were given a fairly standard set of weaponry (with a few standouts). However, the way plasmid powers work is very similar to how spellcasting worked in the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. You can equip your power to your hand, then use your power. A few are particularly unique to a game in a genre such as this, such as the ability to levitate items in a room and through them at enemies.

It seems that there is little to say about Bioshock because it really has to be played to understand. It has qualities that are very much cinematic, and as such reading a brief description is not going to do it justice. At this point in time, you may be able to pick up Bioshock and its sister game Bioshock 2 in the price range of 5-10 dollars on At that price, you cannot beat what you will receive.

6). Little Big Planet

I have a secret confession: I am a 20 year old male and I thoroughly enjoy Little Big Planet. The game is simply captivating, and what it does for the imagination is beyond words. I only wish a game like this existed when I was a kid, so I could have all the time in the world to sit down with it and bring to life its fullest potential. Still, as I am now, I am able to enjoy this game.

As some may well know, Little Big Planet is a relatively casual video game. This means it is easy to pick up and teach to people who do not frequently play video games. In fact, many individuals I have met who do not really like video games have fallen in love with Little Big Planets gameplay and cute sackboys and girls. I personally enjoy this casual game style because I do not feel I need to play this game obsessively for hours on end. It is a real pleasure to say the least.

For many people, like myself, this game is a crucial one to own if you have children or are in a relationship. There is little I like more than being able to sit down, be lazy, and play Little Big Planet with my girlfriend. She is not the biggest gamer herself, yet she constantly asks me if I "want to play Little Big Planet" (with some cute accentuation as she says the name). I love that this game is capable of bringing us together to do something fun that does not require leaving our apartment. It is a nice way to relax to say the least.

With that brief rant aside, on to the gameplay itself. This game is through and through a platform game. It is honestly not that complex either, however their are just quirky qualities (such as the ability to express emotions on your sackboy's face) that keep the game interesting. I would definitely recommend picking this game up and giving it a try!

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