What Does BL Stand For?

     BL is an abbreviation for boy's love stories of any medium, but particularly that of manga and anime. There are different types of BL, some which are sweet and tender, while others are a bit more explicit. Typically this form of homosexual fiction is vastly unrealistic. Television series like Queer as Folk and Glee are realistic, or far more realistic than most BL manga, BL anime or BL games.

     It is also important to note that BL is mostly written for women, by women and a majority of BL manga, anime and games come from Japan. As with any genre, the stories often share many of the same cliches. Furthermore many of the BL stories have unsavory content, despite how interesting the story might be or how enjoyable the art. That doesn't mean they're aren't gems, or that people still wont find the stories enjoyable as long as they keep fiction from turning to fact. It's an escapist fantasy and so many elements are thus vastly unrealistic.   

Here are the Top 10 Most Interesting BL Stories

1. Koi Suru Bo-Kun (The Tyrant Falls in Love)

     The Tyrant Falls in Love is one of the most interesting BL stories, despite the controversies of the content found within its pages. It happens to be a sequel to the cute BL manga, Challengers, which was the manga-ka, Takanaga Hinako's debut work.

     Takanaga Hinako's early work was never as clean as her later works, such as Koi Suru Bo-Kun which later was turned into a two episode OAV.

     Challengers featured Tatsumi Tomoe, the younger brother of Tatsumi Souichi who was a main character in Koi Suru Bo-kun.

     Both Tatsumi brothers wear glasses, making them megane characters. Although their glasses have nothing to do with it, they are both uke's. Although it appears that many of Tanakanga Hinako's uke characters wear glasses, although not all of them.

     The main character of the manga, The Tyrant Falls in Love, Tatsumi Souichi is considered a tyrant. He's a graduate student working toward a higher degree. He has a love for scientific research and spends hours in N. University's laboratory.

     Tatsumi Souichi is considered a tyrant, because not only does he have a volitile temper, he can be rather bossy.

     The other main character, whom had been in love with Tatsumi Souichi for five years by the start of the sequel to Challengers, Koi Suru Bo-kun is heartbroken. This, because Souichi is homophobic, but they're still friends. It's not until Souichi inadvertently drinks a bottle of an aphrodisiac drug that things take a turn for the worse. Yet in the end, one is left wondering after the entire eight volumes of the seven arc story, whether or not Tatsumi Souichi actually does love Morinaga Tetsuhiro.

2. Junjou Terrorist

      Another interesting and cute BL, is a side story of a side story within the larger  BL graphic novel story titled, Junjou Romantica. The stories were all drawn and written by another well known manga-ka, Nakamura Shingiku.

     Junjou Romantica is itself one of the longest BL manga's running with fifteen, going on sixteen volumes. The fifteenth volume will be out in Japan in December, just in time for Christmas. Sold alog with volume fifteen will be a 30 minute OAV featuring all three couples from the cute BL series, Junjou Romantica on DVD for the series 10th anniversary.

      Junjou Terrorist is one of the more interesting stories, though not all will agree. Everyone does have their favorites after all.

     As for what Junjou Terrorist is about, its about Takatsuki Shinobu. Shinobu is 18 years old and perusing a man 17 years his senior, Miyagi You. A man moreover who happens to be his sisters ex-husband and his fathers employee at Mitsuhashi University. You (pronounced Yoh) proclaims he's not gay, even after he and Shinobu start a relationship. It is clear however that they love one another, despite all the obstacles they face. They do make a cute BL couple.

3. Junjou Egoist

      A cute little BL, is a Junjou Egoist, which is a side story to Junjou Romantica and involves the main stories main character, Usami Akihiko's best childhood friend, Kamijou Hiroki.

     It is after Hiroki's heart is broke, finally realizing that his childhood friend will never feel for him like he does that he meets a younger man, four years his junior, Kusama Nowaki.

     Their meeting is an unusual one, but the moment Nowaki spots him, nothing stops him from becoming a part of Hiroki's life.

     They suffer many issues that real same sex couples might, especially about how to be equals.

     Nowaki and Hiroki are the couple in the manga who have been together the longest, despite the few bumps in the road along the way. Things are at times made difficult by Hiroki, as he's what is called in Japan, a tsundere. Not to mention Nowaki's senpai, Tsumori sometimes interferes with his so called harmless flirtations.

4. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Case of Yokozawa Takafumi

      Cute BL stories abound from the minds of manga-ka Nakamura Shungiku and novelist Miyako Fujisaki, including Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (The Case of Yokozawa Takafumi), part of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. It is in novel format, though two of the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi couples happen to have their stories in manga format.

     This yaoi story is about broken hearted Yokozawa Takafumi who was in love with a friend of his from college. However his friend met his first love and fell for him all over again. Around that time is when Kirishima Zen began to find his way into his life more and more. To the point where eventually they became a couple.

     Unlike most tsundere's, Takafumi knows when he's being a jerk. He worries about how the other person will feel and actually has the courage to apologize.

5. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Case of Kisa Shouta

     Kisa Shouta no Baai is one of the BL stories of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi that's in manga format. The manga portion of the stories were created by Nakamura Shungiku. A manga which happens to be a spin-off of Nakamura Shingiku's most popular manga series, Junjou Romantica.

     This portion of the manga is about a thirty year old man (who looks more like a teeanger) named Kisa Shouta, who has never been in love before. That is until he meets Yukina Kou, college art student and part time bookshop worker. Shouta himself is an editor and something that Kou later learns about him has him falling in love with him even more.

     Kisa Shouta is a really cute uke that looks much younger than he actually is while Yukina Kou is a sparkly prince who could give the vampire, Edward Cullen a run for his so called hotness. Yukina Kou is far better looking and if he were a real person no one would look twice at Edward, especially when Yukina would make for a much better boyfriend.

6. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Case of Onodera Ritsu

     Onodera Ritsu no Baai is actually the BL main story of the entire Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series.

     Ten years prior to the beginning of the story, Onodera Ritsu was a naïve and adorable high school student. He fell in love with another student, three years his senior, Saga Masamune. He later learns that Saga Masamune is Takano Masamune in the present, all of which stirs up a hornets nest of emotions and confusion.

     There were many misunderstandings between the two, who split up because of them, without ever having discussed anything. Currently Ritsu is being pursued by Masamune, but Ritsu is adamant, even though he eventually admits his own feelings to himself. Yet he continues to insist most feverntly that 'This is not love, this is not love, this is not love!"


7. Kirai ja nai Kedo

     A rather cute BL manga happens to be Kirai ja nai Kedo, which is by the talented manga-ka, Sakuraga Mei. It is a part of a longer series, known as the Waruhi series of which there are currently ten volumes. Ten volumes and counting, which happen to be about three different couples somehow all related to one another.

     Yukimura happens to be the Vice President of his High School class and has a past he would rather people not know about. However the one person who does know, Shinonome is interested not in revealing his past. No, but he is interested in becoming his boyfriend. Shinonome is in for a few scrapes as Yukimura has a tsundere personality.

8. Mousou Elektel

      The manga Mousou Elektel is a cute BL story about two best friends, written by manga-ka Nekota Yonezou. One of them thinks they're gay, because of their friend. However it's not the friends fault, but they are in love with him.

     It's a funny, but cute story, where Shunpei isn't sure what to make of his friends declaration at first. However, he doesn't want Fumi to be with anyone but him, even though Shunpei has always been interested in women, not men.

9. Aitsu no Daihonmei

      A lighter BL manga would have to be Aitsu no Daihonmei which was written by manga-ka Tanaka Suzuki. It  is a hilarious BL manga.

     Aitsu no Daihonmei is about a short high school boy named Yoshida who isn't popular at all and who doesn't have any eye lashes. The most popular guy in the school, whom all the girls are after, Satou confesses his love to him. From there life begins to get a bit strenuous for Yoshida as Satou is a sadist. Not only that, but the girls are so obsessed that they've even threatened poor Yoshida, though they don't know the real relationship between him and Satou.

10. Hybrid Child

      A beautiful, but heart wrenching BL manga created by manga-ka, Nakamura Shungiku would have to be Hybrid Child. The first of the three stories may not have been as sad as the other two, but it still cuts to the quick of ones heart.

     The second story is sad, only because of an injury.

      The last story however, is about the one who created the hybrid child dolls, for which the manga takes its name. It is his, Kuroda's past, Kuroda's story that will surely bring tears to a persons eyes. His love story never got a happy ending, but considering the time and the circumstances, its easy to understand why there was one tale so tragic.