We all know the feeling of driving up to the famous golden arches and breathing in that fresh smell of salty french fries. The feeling of the late night munchies, or after a night out on the town after a few drinks, and McDonald's is there to save you. The friendly red-haired clown dressed in his jump suit is there to save you from your stomach's potential demise in the most convenient of times. But has anyone ever wondered... what makes McDonald's so popular? Why is it so good? There's a few major reasons which I have come to notice that help them stand out from the crowd.

1. The System

I'm pretty sure we've all seen it. The typical young, pimple-faced, teenager, at the counter of McDonald's asking you what you would like to order. At the same time, we can also see other teens stowing away at the modernised Henry Ford assembly line, which so effectively produces our double Quarter Pounder or 6 Pack of Chicken Nuggets.

This is the first thing that makes McDonald's so successful, by having such an effective and efficient system in place, which exploits the minimum wage labour available, in the form of young teenagers who are just looking to make some cash or pick up fundamental job skills. 

2. Convenience

If I asked you "to find your nearest McDonald's store," are you able to do so? If so, how come it's so easy? And how come almost everybody knows the answer to that question? This brings me to my second reason McDonald's is so popular... because it's everywhere. Theres a McDonald's at every corner of the map, at every major shopping centre, district, highway, freeway, every place which attracts even, remotely more than 10 people, will have a McDonald's restaurant not too far from them. 

If you think about it, McDonald's is based on having the best Real Estate locations around the world, not having the best food. I mean, who wouldn't want to think about eating at a restaurant that's readily available everywhere you look, with burgers ready to be made at any time of day? 

3. Likability and Familiarity

The Golden Arches. The Big M. Ronald McDonald. Happiness and fun. All these are the associations with Mcdonald's which makes it so familiar. By being so familiar to all age groups and to everybody. My question is... who doesn't know what McDonald's is? 

4. The Menu

McDonald's has one of the most diverse menus, targeting all ages. From little kids to old pensioners, and everyone else in between. There's Big Macs for the big kids and Junior burgers for the little. There's even a range of 6 to 20 chicken McNuggets, or the infamous hash browns in the morning. The menu's versatility is accentuated when they introduced the "healthy tick" concept, which target those people who want to watch what they eat (even though it doesn't make sense to go to a fast food restaurant to eat healthy). With a menu like that, at all hours of the day, all available within 3 minutes, who wouldn't want to eat at McDonald's?

5. Consistency

When we roll up to a McDonald's restaurant we "know" what we're getting. We know the menu. We know the atmosphere. We know the customer service. We know the food. We also know how to navigate the play ground equipment. We see the same Ronald McDonald clown. My last point is, McDonald's is so successful because of its consistency. The expectations that we have about everything surrounding the store are fulfilled in almost every store nationwide, worldwide.  So everybody knows what they're getting into before they come to McDonald's, and by being so consistent, it has a solid reputation to uphold. 

So that's just a few reasons why I think McDonald's is a major hit all around the world. I guess it's nice to know that no matter what happens to us in life... there'll always be a McDonald's store on the corner of a public street, waiting to help us out with a Big Mac and a Chocolate Sundae.