While I was actually considering adding this article to the eBook that jcmayer777 (Jason) and I have been working hard on, I decided that this technique is one that Info Barrel members can begin utilizing now to create awesome Info Barrel articles. In what I deem the "10 Second Glance", I will show you how I sometimes gain inspiration for new Info Barrel articles. No matter how great of a writer you consider yourself to be, one thing is true: you will more than likely encounter something called "writer's block".

This topic is so important, that jcmayer777 (Jason) actually wrote an entire complementary guide on it, and how to overcome it, that we will be packaging alongside our soon-to-be-released eBook project.
His take on overcoming 'writer's block', especially for Info Barrel writers, by the time our eBook is released, probably will push well over 15 pages, or the equivalent of uploading probably 15-20 articles here on Info Barrel. In the meantime, for my technique to be effective, one must begin by exploring the websites of similar platforms like eHow and/or Instructables. By utilizing their search functions, you can find articles that are similar in nature to what you have decided that you would like to write about here on Info Barrel. As a precursor, one must immediately understand that this is a technique that can be easily manipulated wrongfully if you don't keep yourself in check.

As a writer, you will never know everything there is to know about a topic. With that said, my "10 Second Glance" method requires you to visit an article, of immediate interest to you, on a similar website platform. Bear in mind, there is absolutely no shame in taking the title of their article word for word. The reason I say this is because while a website like eHow may have 237 variations of "How-to Cut Grass", Info Barrel may actually have none, if any. As passionate Info Barrel writers, it can certainly help your writing endeavors by using the titles of articles as inspiration. Not only must you write an article about that topic, but you should strive your very hardest to write it better.

You will find, however, that because of the very poor quality control and assurance of similar competitive websites, which a lot of their articles are poorly written to begin with. Because website platforms like eHow frown on duplicate titled articles, unfortunately, they are left with very poorly written articles for some of the most searched for topics. By identifying awesome topics, that you think other people would search for a lot, that are written poorly on other similar websites, you have a chance to do the same thing for Info Barrel but 100 times better.

Unfortunately, this is where many writers may walk a delicate balance between plagiarism and creating their own very unique content. Sometimes, when I am fresh out of ideas, I will pull up an article with a topic that I feel is highly searched for, yet is poorly written, and I'll take a "10 Second Glance" at it. Rather than focusing on plagiarism, I quickly skim for main ideas as I follow their, often poorly written, steps. Remember, plagiarism is typically when you find more than 3 subsequent words that are all the same (at least that's how I learned about it in grade school). Once again, because of the poor quality control of articles on article submission, revenue sharing, websites, you can very easily find topics that are very poorly written.

Most often, because of the authority that competing websites have gained in the search engines, these articles will rank very high, at least initially. As Info Barrel continues to grow by leaps and bounds, it will continue to gain favor and authority in search engines. Now is your opportunity to take those topics and make them a hundred times better. Oftentimes, you will find that many steps are missing, grammar and spelling are lacking, and the article was put together in only a few minutes time. In this method, you aren't necessarily looking for words as much as you are for general ideas and themes that you can govern your writing around.

For example, I took this mediocre rated article on eHow, utilized its title word for word, and created a very detailed article that doesn't even verge on plagiarism.

Once again, article titles can be so generic and vague that by simply taking them, you aren't plagiarizing, especially when you cross into the arena of "How-to" articles. If you are inspired to write an article about "How-to Shave", chances are that someone, somewhere, in cyberspace, has written a similar article. For Info Barrel, you should really pour your heart into it and give as detailed steps as you possibly can. By doing this, your articles stand a much greater chance of gaining search engine visibility, and ultimately earning in the long run.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....