Depression is not healthy for human beings, despite many of the people around the world undergoing this common and debilitating mood. Once you are depressed, you will always find it very hard to function and enjoy life as expected. The depression signs and symptoms can be classified into behavioral, feelings, physical and thoughts signs. Below are some of the common signs and symptoms of depression.

1. Loss of appetite and/or weight

This is one of the major signs and symptoms that anyone who is depressed will definitely experience. In such cases, you may realize that you cannot consume even some of your favorite meals. This will eventually lead to an abnormal loss or even gain in weight.

2. Reckless behaviors

There are certain awkward behaviors that will always show up when you are depressed. Some of these include getting involved in substance abuse, reckless driving, dangerous sports and, even compulsive gambling. 

3. Hopelessness and helplessness

This is a very common sign and symptoms of depression. You will definitely have a bleak look and through this, there won’t be nothing getting better. Apart from this, you will also find it quite hard to do something that can enhance your current situation.

4. Irritability and/or anger

When you are depressed, you will always need time on your own and this is because you feel that everyone and everything gets on your nerves. This will make you feel restless, agitated, and more violent than before. Besides these, you will always be short tempered and experience a low level of tolerance.

5. Loss of interest in your daily activities

Depression will always make you behave in the opposite of whom you were before all these. For example, you will find it very hard to cope with your daily activities and through this, you will always remain lonely. Attending to your daily activities like the social activities, hobbies and pastimes will be kind of unbearable. You will not also have the mood of having sex with your partners and feeling the joy and pleasure of life will no longer be a bother to you.

6. Loss of energy

The body will become generally weak whenever you are depressed. This is the reason why you will find it kind of tricky of doing even very light jobs. Instead of feeling the normal way, you will always feel fatigue, physically drained and sluggish. This will, therefore, make you very lazy and eventually fail to achieve all that you may need.

7. Change of sleep

Change of sleep is another common depression sign and symptoms. You will always find out that you have a totally different sleeping style. This may be sleepless nights caused by insomnia or oversleeping as you find yourself spending the whole night and day on the bed. 

8. Inability to concentrate

During the time you are depressed, you will find it very hard to concentrate even on very minor or serious things. This is because you will find it challenging to make decisions, to focus and to remember some crucial things. Through this, you will find that you will under-perform in your office work or even in school in case you are a student.

9. Unexplained pains and aches

Due to the poor conditions that you will be undergoing like lack of sleep or too much sleep, loss of appetite and much more, the body will be at its weakest point. This is the reason why you will experience an increased physical complaint like stomach pain, aching muscles, back pains and headache in most cases.

10. Self-loathing 

During the depression, you will always blame yourself for the faults and mistakes in your life. This is something that will be attributed by the strong feeling of guilt and worthlessness. 


These are the common depression sign and symptoms that anyone undergoing depression will likely to face. Despite all these unfavorable conditions, it is highly advisable for you to try in the best way possible of being carried away by anger. This may lead to certain behaviors that may leave you regretting for the rest of your life. You should always try to live your life to the fullest despite the challenges in life as if there is no tomorrow. Try to be smart and finding someone who can talk to you will always be a better solution. Never think you are alone as this is the time you will need your friends and family instead of pushing them away.