Ice Cream Flavors


      Everyone, or almost everyone loves an ice cream, especially on a hot summer day. There's nothing like it to cool a person down from the inside out by consuming the frozen treat. Homemade ice-cream just using rock salt, cream (or milk) with flavored syrup or real blended fruit is delicious.

      Everyone who likes ice cream has a favorite flavor, for many that might be vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Those are the three standard flavors, but there are so many more out there like butter pecan, rocky road, chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate chip and others. Those might sound good, except for those who might have allergies to peanuts or something else, but there are ice creams that many might find more than just unappealing. In fact, they might find certain ice cream flavors disturbingly disgusting. Of course, the cultures they were made for might think otherwise. However, most people outside the area where these strange flavored ice creams are sold might not want to ever see the ice cream sold in their neighborhood. In fact, people outside the country or small towns where the ice cream is sold, might not even have ever heard about some of the more exotic flavors of ice cream.

Ten of the Top Worst Ice Cream Flavors Ever Thought of


Horse(97344)Credit: wikimedia commons

1. Raw Horseflesh

      You heard right, Raw HorsefleshIce Cream. Most ice creams do not include meat. Not only does this one include meat, but its raw. Not only is it raw, its made out of an animal that most people in the world probably wouldn't ever imagine themselves eating. Not when several people think of horses as pets or for showmanship rather than a source of their diet.

      While it is well known that horses are a part of many glues, it is perhaps more disturbing to others that there's an ice cream made from horseflesh. Raw horseflesh to be precise. Many people throughout the world, at least since the dawn of the use of fire, wouldn't eat any meat raw. Except maybe sushi.

GoatCredit: wikimedia commons

2. Goat

      Another disturbing flavor of ice cream is that made with goat. Not goats milk, but out of the actual goat. Now goats will eat just about anything themselves be it grass, paper, pencils, a chunk of a desk or a shirt. Then imagine after that, that the goat is slaughtered to be turned into a new container or a few containers of ice cream.

      It makes one see the possibility of ice cream flavors in a whole new light, as do many of the ice cream flavors on this disturbingly disgusting list. Not that everyone will agree that these flavors are disgusting. After all, someone must enjoy them for the flavors of ice cream to exist at all.

      Goat meat might taste good, but as a part of ice cream?

OcotpusCredit: wikimedia commons

3. Octopus

      The list of worst ice cream ideas ever just continues to get stranger and stranger, doesn't it? Well don't believe these don't exist, because they do. Mostly over in the orient, particularly Japan. Probably because their diet consists mostly of their nutrition being caught from the ocean of the coast of their islands.

      Maybe you'll enjoy a bit of ice cream with tentacles and suction cups in it, but is it something you're willing to bet on? Perhaps one shouldn't knock the ice cream flavors of another people, but really, how many people the whole world over would enjoy octopus flavored ice cream? They might enjoy dishes made from octopus, but when it comes to ice cream it seems just a tad too bizarre.

OxCredit: wikimedia commons

4. Ox Tongue

      Now if you're someone who enjoys cow tongue, ox tongue being of bovine nature, probably doesn't bother you. However putting ox tongue in ice cream might not sound quite so appetizing. Not when ice cream is meant to be a sweet, cold treat on a hot summer day or any other day of the year.

      As long as you enjoy it, that's all that really matters, but many people might just gag at the thought of it. Unless of course they grew up consuming it. That's usually the time when peoples tastes are developing, when they're infants and young children. The more exposed to a certain food they are the likelier they are to see it as a natural part of their diet.

EelCredit: wikimedia commons

5. Eel

      Perhaps you've tried eel and enjoyed it, but have you tried eel flavored ice cream? Does it sound appetizing? To many it probably doesn't and those people will try to avoid running across it at all costs. They'd rather stick to old favorites like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Those, or ice creams put out by Baskin Robins, Friendlies, or other similar ice cream vendors.

      Now if you happen to be an ice cream vendor trying to sell any of these unusual flavors it might be a good idea not to mention them. At least if you're outside the region where people who enjoy them are you might not want to ask if they want to try any. If a person is looking for a particular flavor, let them ask, otherwise you might risk the person losing their appetitie. The loss of appetitie might result in a no sale.

Whale(97346)Credit: wikimedia commons

6. Whale

      Another bizarre ice cream flavor is that of whale. Whale flavored ice cream is probably illegal as whales are a protected species. That doesn't mean there aren't people who will kill them and gladly eat them be it to keep from starvation or to make money. Still, despite whether or not its illegal to use whale as an incredient, whale flavored ice cream just doesn't sound good. Really though, what ice cream made from meat instead of fruits and nuts sound good at all? Except of course to the people whom have developed a taste for the unusual ice cream flavors.

SharkCredit: wikimedia commons

7. Shark Fin Noodle

      Yet another disturbing flavor of ice cream is made from shark fin's. Sure people might enjoy eating shark meat, but when its an ingredient in ice cream, who really is going to want to eat it? It might be popular in some parts of Japan, but outside of it, it really hasn't hit markets in the U.S. or Canada. Probably not anywhere else either. It just goes to show that ice cream companies can make ice cream out of anything. However its unlikely that most countries will ever get to run into these bizarre ice cream flavors unless they're vacationing in Japan.

Oyster(97347)Credit: wikimedia commons

8. Oyster

      Several people enjoy oysters the world over. However that doesn't mean they'd think that oyster flavored ice cream was the greatest idea either. People who think oysters are disgusting are probably going to think that whoever invented oyster flavored ice cream was out of their mind.

     Everyone is entitled to their oppinion though and no one has the same exact tastebuds. Your friend might love something you can't stand, or they might think something you love to eat is the most disgusting thing either. Yet there's nothing anyone can do about someone elses tastebuds.

Pit ViperCredit: wikimedia commons

9. Pit Viper

      Well now, another bizarre flavor ice cream is made out of pit viper. Not only is pit viper a snake, but its poisonous! If its not made right, it could literally kill someone. It boggles the mind that there are actually people who will eat this stuff, but then again what we eat might be seen as bizarre by others.

WasabiCredit: wikimedia commons

10. Wasabi

      Wasabi flavored ice cream is another unusual flavor. However it doesn't seem quite as disturbing as the other flavors which have been mentioned. However ice cream is supposed to be sweet and chill. Wasabi though, which Mater on Cars 2 mistaked of pistatio ice cream is hot. Not hot in temperature, but spicy. So spicy that one will definitely want to drink buckets of water, at least if they have more than a small sample!