In today's world, where more and more people exercise and work out, there is a large increase in general fitness. What a lot of people don't realize, however, is that along with that fitness comes the opportunity of performing some amazing physical feats. Following is a comprised list of the ten most impressive physical feats the human body is capable of under the right circumstances.

#10: The Handspring

Barely making it onto this list, we have the handspring - a pretty impressive acrobatic feat that pretty much anyone with a basic level of fitness could perform. In order to perform this trick, you simply have to get into a normal handstand position, and from there push yourself up while tipping over to the other side. This particular trick relies more on the movement itself rather than upper body strength, which makes it a fairly easy trick to pull off without having too much upper body strength.

#9: The Front Flip

Slightly above the handspring comes the front flip, a very common move in acrobatic performances. Being applicable under a lot of different circumstances, such as on a trampoline, on the ground of while jumping into a pool, this is one of the most useful moves there is. A simple front flip consists of jumping into the air and turning a whole lap before landing again. While this is a bit more difficult than the basic handspring, the front flip can also be performed by most people, without the necessity of strong muscles.

#8: The Handstand Pushup

Although not a very acrobatic trick, the handstand pushup is a highly impressive physical feat. And as it requires a lot more strength to pull off, not a lot of people are capable of performing it. In order to do a handstand pushup, you need to first learn the basic handstand. Once you can do that, you get into a handstand position and, with your back straight and your feet pointing toward the sky, you slowly bend your arms and lower yourself until your head touches the ground, whereby you then push yourself back up. And that's one!

#7: The Back Handspring

Introducing the big brother of the handspring; the back handspring! Although sharing some of the same principles, the two versions are very different when it comes to execution. For the back handspring, you have to be far more aware of your own body - otherwise you won't make it. The back handspring is pulled off by jumping into the air while bending backwards, eventually landing on your hands, from which you spring up and land back on your feet, having completed a full lap.

#6: The Muscle-Up

Another impressive strength feat, the muscle-up makes it high on the list. What makes this move so impressive isn't the amount of physical strength required, but the incredible muscle coordination one must have in order to do it. This is a move much like the ordinary pull-up, where you use your arms to pull your body up while hanging on a pole. But where the pull-up stops, the muscle-up continues, requiring you to use your motion to throw your torso up above the pole until your arms are pointing straight down.

#5: The Back Flip

While the front flip is cool, it is nothing compared to the back flip. This move has just as many areas of use as the front flip, with the added benefit of looking so much cooler. But this increase in awesomeness comes with a cost; the back flip is far more difficult to pull off than the front flip. The basics of a back flip is to jump straight up into the air, and at the same time making your body spin backwards a full lap before landing again.

#4: The Kip-Up

This simple, yet flashy move makes it so high on the list because of its extraordinary usefulness. Serving as a pretty badass way of getting to your feet from laying flat on your back, the kip-up can be a true lifesaver after an embarrassing fall. Suppose you just slipped on a wet patch on the floor, and a lot of people saw it. All you need to do is roll onto your shoulders, put your palms on the ground behind your head and spring back to your feet, using the simple kip-up. Embarrassing moment averted!

#3: The One-Armed Pushup

Perhaps the most impressive feat of strength anyone can perform, the one-armed pushup makes it all the way to the top three. While the ordinary pushup requires a relatively low amount of strength and is fairly easy to perform, there aren't many people capable of the highly esteemed one-armed version. Done in a similar faction as its more commonly practiced cousin, the one-armed pushup is performed by lowering your body to the ground and pushing back up, all while resting only on your toes and one hand.

#2: The Wall Flip

Coming to one of the most epic acrobatic moves there is, we have arrived at the awesome wall flip. Basically a more badass version of the back flip, the wall flip takes the concept of flipping to a whole new level. Performed by taking a few running steps up a vertical wall and following with a regular back flip, this move is often considered the most awesome trick in the book. But along with this awesomeness comes a high risk of injury - the wall flip is also commonly known as one of the most dangerous acrobatic tricks there is.

#1: The Human Flag

Arguably the most awesome physical feat a human being can pull off is the human flag. This trick involves getting your body into, and holding, a horizontal upright position while only holding onto a pole with your hands. In order to perform this most difficult feat, one is required to possess tremendous upper body and core strength, as well as having lightweight legs to lessen the total force applied. This feat is particularly difficult due to the multiplying effect of the gravitational force from the entire body being focused solely on the arms and core muscles.

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