With 2012 in full swing and almost over, people are going more skeptical about an apocalypse happening. Save something super spontaneous happening in December it looks like we are in the clear.

For fun though, let's go over the whole apocalypse theory. How many ways can our world come to an end? Quite a few! For aesthetics though, let us just do the top 12 apocalypse theories in 2012.

#12 - Geomagnetic Reversal

geomagnetic reversalThe geomagnetic reversal is just a fancy science way of saying that the south and north pole suddenly flip positions. This may not exactly sound like it's the most dramatic thing ever, but well it could be. If the poles were to suddenly flip then the Earth would stop rotation and begin to rotate the other way.

You know how when you hit the brakes in the car suddenly and everything shifts forward, imagine a planet doing that. Imagine the seas shifting and rising over the coasts and the ground quaking and the sudden global shift.

It may not be completely apocalyptic, but it certainly would be devastating and chaotic. On the bright side, the chances of this happening suddenly are nigh impossible. In fact, if it were to start it would take thousands of years to complete. Guess what can happen over one thousand years of geomagnetic shifting? The planet can adapt.

#11 - Solar Flares and Solar Storms

A lot of people think that solar flares are a bunch of hoopla and balderdash. After all, they happen all the time! Those solar flares are just babies compared to the ones that doomsday theorists think are coming in December 21st, 2012.

A strong enough solar flare can damage the satellites we have orbiting Earth and destroy a large part of our communication network. However, and even bigger one can cause solar winds that form a solar storm that can completely overload our planets' power grid. With out complete dependence on electricity this would cause world-wide chaos.

Is this possible in 2012? Yes, it's another one of those December 21st, 2012 predictions. There is kind of a rift between NASA solar astronomers about the the date, but they believe that the sun is going to reach the end of an 11-year cycle. This will put the sun at the solar maximum which is prime time for great solar flares.

#10 - The Fifth World Order

Like the Aztecs and the Mayans, the Hopi Indian tribe also have their own apocalypse theory for 2012. The Hopi Indians are indigenous to northern Arizona and are quite the desert dwelling people. They believe that time is not linear and that is indeed cyclical. The Hopi Indians believe that when time circles, it hits crucial points over and over again, though possibly in different ways.

The Hopi Indians believe that 2012 is the end of the fourth cycle and that the fifth cycle begins with a flood like in biblical times.

It's certainly not likely, but the thought of time by cyclical is certainly something interesting to ponder.

#9 - Planet Right To The Face

planet collisionA lot of people still believe that in 2012 a planet will smack right into Earth and completely destroy us. This in fact does have a chance of happening to us, especially since the Milky Way galaxy is on a crash course to be eaten by the Andromeda galaxy. However, that is not for millions of years.

How did this theory get started? Well, for most of the 20th century people thought that there was an undiscovered planet in our solar system because of the strange orbital patterns of Neptune and Uranus. It turns out that they just overestimated Neptune's mass. However, because of that blunder people still support the theory of a planet crashing into us. NASA says this is complete hokum, but you never know what government agencies do not tell you.

#8 - Accidental Black Holes

Black holes are terrifying things if you've read about them. They are invisible and one could be slowly gobbling up matter towards us right now. Since they are invisible there is no way to tell if they are coming.

A bigger fear is our science dabblings accidentally creating one right here.

One of our best tools in understanding how matter would is the European Organization for Nuclear Research's (CERN's) Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC experiments with how matter behaves at the shortest distances and at the highest energy levels.

Theorists insist that this will create a mini-black hole. Physicists agree that the high energy collisions that go on inside the LHC could cause a black hole, however; they insist that it would quickly lose mass and disappear. Is this the truth or is it just scientists trying not halt the advancement of science.

#7 - Psychic Robots

This one is not so much an apocalypse as it is a prediction of one. According to Clif High and George Ure, creators of the Web Bot Project, their web bots are capable of predicting the future. Yes, that's right, the tools used for keyword research and marketing data can see the future!

I wonder if Market Samurai tells of our destruction.

The creators insist that the web bots' algorithm predicted the fall of the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina before it happened. The also say that the Web Bot has spit out another landmark.

An apocalypse in 2012.

#6 - Super Volcano

I know what you are thinking. Super Volcanos? Bah! Volcanos take thousands of years to form. Humanity could definitely survive that.


Not super volcanos. They can theoretically form in less than 200 years. The eruption of a super volcano would not destroy the Earth, but the ash would block out the sun and the gas would poison the air.

#5 - Death of the Sun

This is not so much a theory as it is our destiny. There is definitely no saying this is going to happen in 2012 either, but every star has an expiration date. You know what our sun is? A big ol' star.

Stars die in the universe everyday, though it takes thousands of years for use to notice, what with light years and all.

When is our Suns' expiration date? Not for some time, but it is coming. When our star dies, this planet will be unable to support any life at all. The sun dies, we all die.

#4 - World War III

Nuclear apocalypse is one of the most common theories about how mankind will meet its doom. The World War III scenario predicts that if another global war were to occur, human beings would self destruct through the use of nuclear weapons. The weapons themselves might not blow up all of earth, but the long-term radiation effects and the atmospheric changes could eventually obliterate all life.

Many people think that the threat of World War III has diminished greatly since the end of the Cold War, when the potential for nuclear battle was at its highest

However with the increase in countries with nuclear weapons and defiant countries like Iran and North Korea producing them even though they are not cleared to have them, the risk of nuclear war is steadily growing.

#3 - Rapture!

rapture(115912)You cannot have an article about doomsday theories without mentioning the rapture. With the Book of Revelation being the most colorful and interesting of all the books of the Bible it tells of the end of the Earth.

The Book of Revelation tells of hell rising on Earth at the command of the Antichrist and Jesus being reborn to combat him. At the beginning of the war to end all wars, the true believers of God will be raptured up to heaven, leaving only the sinners left on Earth to fend off demons and hellfire.

Crazy people have tried to insist that the rapture was happening in 2011, but that didn't come to pass. However, unlike other theories that are possible with the proof of science but would not happen instantly; this is not proven to be possible and thus could happen at anytime.

#2 - Mayans

This is one of the most popular 2012 theories. You have undoubtably heard it's tale. The Mayans were very meticulous in their date keeping and their  Long Count Calendar's 1,872,000-day Great Cycle will wrap up on Dec. 21, 2012. This they predicted to be when the world will.

I am sorry, that's a bit of a lie for dramatic effect.

The Mayans really predicted that December 21st, 2012 is a time of great change and the dawn of a new era. This could be taken as good or bad. You can imagine most people took it as bad.

#1 - Nostradamus

Nostradamus is a popular predictor of the future. Nostradamus used to lock himself away and use a mind altering mixture of hemlock and other things to induce visions of the future. His existing prophecies have been said to have predicted things like the French Revolution and Hitler in World War Two.

He has a fancy prediction for 2012 too, a couple actually. The prophecy indicates the rise of the Antichrist from North Africa or the Middle East for destroying the Catholic Church. In the 62nd quatrain, Nostradamus puts forward the name “MABUS” as the Antichrist. According to some experts, it is possibly Obama or the Catholic pope. Well, Nostradamus’ prediction clearly indicates that something big is going to happen on December 21 2012.

The problem with his predictions is we cannot tell what is going to happen when with complete certainty. Most of the things that people insist he predicted were only found out after they occurred. Skeptics insist that the predictions are so broad they can fit to anything.