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How to get clear skin

Consume Essential Vitamins-  Make essential vitamins a part of your lifestyle. Vitamin A  helps the body rebuild tissue. Vitamin E helps fight free radicals. Vitamin E is used as an anti-aging nutrient. This is one of the most natural anti-aging products you can use. Vitamin B-complex aids in oxygen to the skin and Vitamin C stimulates and produces collagen.

     A low-Iodine Diet- Eliminating Iodine completely from your diet isn’t necessary. Although a low iodine diet has shown to clear up long-standing cases of acne. Implementing a clear skin diet is a wonderful acne remedy. Avoiding food high in iodine’s is helpful in clearing acne. Oil glands excrete excess iodine which can flare-up breakouts. Some foods that are high in iodine: Kelp, beef liver, Turkey, Broccoli, Asparagus, White onions and Potato chips

     Drinking more water -Water can aid in healthier skin, weight loss, cleansing, and many other helpful benefits. although everyone knows that water is vital to health and wellbeing. Water consumption continues to be a struggle for some people. Think of more creative ways to add water.

     Know your skin type- Using the wrong makeup for your skin type can promote blackheads or dry skin. For example, using an oil-based makeup instead of a water-based product on oily skin promotes Acne. Using an alcohol based astringent on dry skin can dry your skin more.

     Use moisturizer - Use sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation makeup that have sunscreen

      Maintain your weight- We are all different shapes and sizes. Today more women are accepting and loving their natural beauty. Pick a weight that you are comfortable maintaining. When you loose and gain weight. It stretches your tissues leaving your skin less taught and with more wrinkles.

      Use cotton swabs and cleansers-  Never use paper towels and tissues to wipe away smudges around your eyes. They are too coarse and will exaggerate lines and stretch fragile skin.

     No smoking-   If you don’t have the habit of smoking. Don’t start now or anytime in the future. You can stop wrinkles in their tracks. Studies have shown that people, who smoke over a long period, develop a cobblestone appearance on the skin on the back of their necks and deeper sharper skin wrinkles at the outer corners of their eyes. Smoking also makes your skin more vulnerable to sun damage

     Exercise up a sweat- When you exercise and work out, sweat and perspiration leaves the pores, so does toxin and impurities.

     Remove Makeup before going to sleep at night- If you don’t wear makeup, cleanse your face before bedtime.

     Be consistent- Whatever you do to care for your face, do the same for the rest of your body.

     Treat the skin around your eyes- The skin around your eyes should have special attention and be extra careful and gentle to the area because it’s delicate. There are plenty of other things you can do to treat your skin lovely. If you aren’t doing any of these things, try to add just one more clear skin tip to your daily health regimen.