The 1956 Elvis trading card collection was made up of sixty six cards that were produced by the gum company, Topps. The cards are all featured in color with the first forty six of the cards being named the 'Ask Elvis Series' due to every card on the back having a question for Elvis Presley to answer (it is also signified by the red guitar on the image with the name of the card printed within it) and then the corresponding cards are from his film, 'Love Me Tender' which had facts and quotes for the film on the back.

Where Can I Buy the 1956 Elvis Presley Card Collection?

The general guide to buying Elvis trading cards online can be found here. It suggests searching for terms like '1956 Elvis Playing Cards' in the likes of eBay and Amazon, along with a list of specialised sites that have the 1956 Elvis trading cards collection for sale (usually the cards are sold individually like 'Taking it Easy Between Scenes' and 'Prepairing to go on Stage'). You could also try manually searching for it through the search engines and see what you come up with, perhaps a thread from an Elvis fan site is offering to sell his collection.

(Make sure that it is the cards that you are buying and not the sticker version of the collection.)

What is the Value of the 1956 Elvis Playing Card Collection?

The general value of the collection varies online, to find out more about how you can find the valuation of the Elvis trading cards check out the article: Elvis Trading Cards: Finding Their Value which suggests you look at Elvis Presley price guides etc.

However, there are sites that are quoting that some of the cards in the collection are worth up to $50 on their own (as of 2011) with the average price of the cards being around the $10 to $15 mark which could potentially value the entire collection at around $1000+. There are some individual cards being listed from a hundred dollars on eBay. Of course it depends on the condition of the cards as well.

Where can I sell the 1956 Elvis Trading Cards?

If you actually have hold of some of the cards or even the entire 1956 collection and are looking to sell the cards, you can find out more information about how you can go about doing this at 'Selling Elvis Trading Cards'. Quick ideas would be where people can buy them, so you could list them on eBay or sell them through Amazon etc.

The 1956 Gum Elvis Presley Trading Cards Collection Checklist

1: 'Go, Go, Go, Elvis'   2: 'Elvis Presley' (signature) 3: 'Relaxing at Rehearsals' 

4: 'Love Me Tender' 5: 'Soft and Mellow' 6: 'Elvis with his Fans' 

7: 'Singing with the Heart' 8: 'Presley Press Conference' 9: 'Time Out Between Shows'

10: 'America's Singing Idol' 11: 'Pickin' Out a Tune' 12: 'Don't be Cruel'

13: 'Down on the Farm' 14: 'Steve Allen and Elvis 15: 'Vacation Fun'

16: 'Judging his Record' 17: 'Singing Session' 18: 'Studying the Script'

19: 'A Tux for TV' 20: 'I Want You. I Need You. I Love You' 21: 'The Fan's Friend

22: 'Elvis Presley' 23: 'Elvis' Movie Debut' 24: 'Ready to Ride'

25: 'Hound Dog' 26: 'Elvis' Motorcycle' 27: 'Acting Outdoors'

28: 'Swinging Low' 29: 'Elvis the Actor' 30: 'Facing the Cameras'

31: 'Tuning up for the Show' 32: 'At the Keyboard' 33: 'A Show for the Home Town'

34: 'Taking it East Between Scenes' 35: 'Chow Time on the Movie Set' 36: 'Elvis at 47'

37: 'Strumming for Fun' 38: 'Elvis' Escort' 39: 'Lights. Camera. Action!'

40: 'Serenade to a Pooch' 41: 'Rockin' on Stage' 42: 'Radio Broadcast'

43: 'Recording Session' 44: 'Elvis' Special Shirt' 45: 'Preparing to go on Stage'

46: 'America's top Singer' 47: 'Farm Chores' 48: 'Clint and Cathy Rane'

49: 'New Member of the Family' 50: 'Hard Work' 51: 'Porch Performance'

52: 'Happy Homecoming' 53: 'I Want an Honest Answer' 54: 'Heading for the Fair'

55: 'Singing Up a Storm' 56: 'Bad News' 57: 'I'm Goin' to Venice'

58: 'Rescue Ride' 59: 'Clint's Plan' 60: 'Fighting Mad'

61: 'Don' try to Stop Me' 62: 'Two Against One' 63: 'Setting the Trap'

64: 'Let Him have it, Clint' 65: 'Clint Takes Aim'  66: 'Go Back to Vance'