Unlock the #1 Secret to Effective Marketing Copy
Credit: Image Courtesy of UCLA Faculty Association

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some magic formula out there you could use to write effective and productive marketing copy every time? Guess what? There is. Even some of the greatest marketing copywriters in the world use this formula and it is much easier than you might think. There is some tweaking involved, but it works on the old adage that there is no need to recreate the wheel because the marketing copy that is floating around out there is already testing the waters for you.

The Answer

The answer to writing great marketing copy is to collect great marketing copy! Sounds simple, right? You receive hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing copy on an annual basis. Marketing campaigns are flowing into your inbox. You mailbox is overflowing with direct mail pieces. You drive by billboards on a daily basis.

Create a file for these pieces and stash them away. You might not need them when you receive them, but eventually you will have a need to create a similar piece. When the time comes, pull out your samples and start studying.

By no means should you copy these pieces. The key here is to study the elements of the marketing copy to see what works. Notice how the copywriter is using headlines. Take note of the word choices the writer makes. After studying several pieces, you should see some formatting choices, word choices and other techniques that all of the samples share.

The elements of the marketing copy that work are what you want to mimic in writing your own marketing copy.

The Tweaking

Because these successful marketing pieces act as a template for your own marketing success, you can use the basic framework as a starting point. From the foundation, you can start to build your own marketing speak, your own content and your own copy. Try to tweak each element by personalizing it to your industry, your business and to speak to your target audience.

The Right Words

The main element of the tweaking process is to find the right words. Forget about the words that you think are right for the piece. Instead, you have to think of the words that you can use that speak directly to the target audience you are trying to reach. A perfect example of this is if your target audience is teenagers. The way teenagers speak to each other and wish to be spoken to is completely different from that of young adults or people of other generations.

If you are writing marketing copy to reach teens, your first job is to speak to them in their language. And this is really true no matter what group you are targeting. When you make word choices that resonate with your audience members, then you are reaching them and motivating them.

The number one secret to writing effective marketing copy—every time—is to mimic the great successes that are already out there. Again, you’re not copying anyone’s material, but you are learning from their marketing successes.