If you’ve ever used a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller before you know that they are amazingly simple to use as a busy parent and that they are extremely comfortable for both you and your baby. There’s a reason why this line of strollers has consistently made “best of” lists year after year.

I noted before many of the benefits of buying a City Mini, namely they are great for errands and these strollers are simple to fold and store in your car’s trunk. I also noted that they aren’t that great for jogging and hiking, especially on anything resembling off road terrain.

What is special about them however is their appeal to the urban parent who wants a high quality stroller without having to spend a fortune. With so many strollers selling for nearly $500 or more in some cases the City Mini priced in the mid $200s seems like a bargain.

The City Mini v The City Mini GT 2012 Strollers

City Mini GT Stroller by Baby JoggerIn my assessment of the City Mini strollers I’ve written about the annoying front wheel on rough terrain. The front wheel is actually a double wheel sitting side-by-side separated by a couple inches (see below). Even on pavement this can be annoying if there is a particularly bumpy road due to tree roots, potholes, or whatever.

Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Stroller's Front WheelThe 2012 City Mini GT stroller however is priced a bit higher, in the mid-$300s but for the price you do get some good upgrades. The front wheel is a tad bit bigger at 8.5 inches rather than 8 inches and it is a single wheel which is filled with air. The stroller also spots some front wheel suspension making this stroller ride much smoother and easier on slightly rougher roads and trails.

I wouldn’t call it an all-terrain stroller or a jogging stroller yet but it is getting closer.

The GT stroller also has a fancier handlebar in that it is adjustable according to your height. This is different from the base model which is a “take what you get” handlebar. It’s not bad, after all I’m over six feet, but I do sometimes kick the wheels with my long legs and I like the handlebar extension as that helps minimize the tripping and bumps as well as my slightly hunched back.

The GT City Mini is also a bit bigger than the standard City Mini stroller. Baby Jogger designed the GT to offer a bit more room for longer toddler legs as well as slightly more room for taller toddler backs. Shoulder room is about half an inch wider and the entire seat is a little more plush and supportive.

Additional features the GT stroller has over the base Mini is the handlebar parking brake versus the foot pedal parking brake, an easier to access under seat storage basket, and an accessory handlebar clip for parent features like cup holders and similar accessories.

All-in-all, the Baby Jogger City Mini strollers are excellent options and in a class of their own. The hallmark remains their ease of use, their quick fold design, their small footprint when folded, and the quality of the band. I tend to keep strollers for a long time when I like them and this one will probably be a long-term upgrade for my family over the 2011 City Mini stroller.