Second to a headline, you need to have an online sales letter. You can use to this letter as a powerful tool to market your business online.

Your web copy allows you to communicate with your online audience and can help you make them from just viewers to buyers. In our previous article, we examined the headline, the most important element of a sales page. The headline is there to catch viewers attention and intrigue them to continue looking further.

You have to have your headline if you want your copy to succeed.

You may have followed all the tips on how to make a great headline and hopefully they are working but now you need to make sure viewers stay on your page and don’t just notice it. This is where your online sales letter, or the second most important element of your copy becomes important.

Identifying what your viewers want

If you don’t understand your audience then you will have an extremely difficult time relating to them. You need to make your audience know that you understand who they are and where they come from.

You need to get to the bottom of what they are feeling. Why would your product help them out a their frustrations or problems. Can your business impact their lives?

Jenny Hamby, the creator of has developed a method to help you entwine the details you need through your web site copy. She is a great resource and I highly recommend seeking her out if you need help with your copy.

Jenny’s method proposes using her suggestions near the beginning of your sales letter. This will help you keep the reader intrigued:

1. Figure out what your viewers really want.

It could look something like this, "Are you ready to expand your business but not increase your promotional costs?"

2. Be upfront about what they have to face in their lives.

"Is your marketing strategy not providing the return that you had expected?"

3. Tell them what they should do to reach their goals.

"Keep it simple and it will help you stop spending so much."

4. Let them know why they are having troubles.

"Marketing strategies are usually too old and have misguided principles."

5. Make them know why your product is the answer they need.

"Check out our 5 day course on the right marketing strategies."

If you can discover what your viewers really want then it will help them discover what you can offer to them. Make sure they know just how they will profit from what you offer.

The web copy needs to explain the value their money has. If you have created your headline to reel in your prospects then you need to make it known to them what you can offer and why they should buy what you have to offer.

Make an extensive list of what you offer. It should show that you are competent and skilled in what you have to offer but it must also entice them.

If you need help doing this, then start by asking yourself the 'How to' and 'So what' questions. When writing your benefit statement, you need to begin with ‘How to’ and by the end answer the question ‘so what.’ With this strategy, the reader doesn’t have to search for what they are looking for. It's right there in front of them.

For example, say you want to sell a book about dog grooming. You need to give the 'how to' and 'so what' of dog grooming. If you are discussing what dogs should eat then you should include what they should and what they are not supposed to eat:

  • [How to] How to increase your dog’s immune system with the most organic food out there.
  • [So what] Research has shown that it will cut dog weight problems by 25%.

Here are a few tips to help you great an attractive copy:

  1. Be descriptive and flowery in your statements.
  2. Appeal to the readers with statements of curiosity – 'what really is in this dog food?'
  3. Use scientific facts and numbers. Make sure the facts are true before you publicize them in your copy.

Figuring out what your viewers need and telling them what benefits you can offer are crucial if you want to seal the deal. As a copywriter, don’t leave out these details. Make sure you draw your readers in and keep them interested!