Create a marketing plan for your business with three easy steps.
Credit: Image courtesy of Paramount Digital Bulletin

Before you go on a long road trip, you map out your route. The same holds true when you embark on a journey to market your business—you need a marketing plan. What stalls most people from starting a marketing program is the lack of knowledge on how to get started. Use these three-step marketing plan approach to jumpstart your marketing program and get the ball rolling. It really comes down to three steps: 1) creating content 2) building your list and 3) nurturing the list with more content. 

Step #1 Create Content

Your first step in launching your marketing program is to create marketing content. The easiest place to start is with a simple one-page website. That’s right—all it takes is one page to get started. Generally, this type of page is called a squeeze page. This page consists of two to three items.

  1. Video
  2. Small text blurb
  3. Subscription box

Step #2 Build a List

A squeeze page is an ideal way to build a list. The reason is because of the simplicity of the page. The visitors to the site only have a couple of options. They can watch the video. They can read the blurb. They can subscribe to your list. Because there are no other pages or links to distract them from the purpose, using a squeeze page is a great way to build a list.

Step #3 Nurture the List

As you start to build your list, only half the battle is won. Now, you have to nurture the list of subscribers you have. One of the easiest ways to nurture the list is to create an e-newsletter and send it out a couple times a month. Share relevant and useful information, tips, tricks and advice in the newsletter. Additionally, include information about your business, products and services. As you continue to nurture your list, you build trust and credibility with the people—you build a relationship with them. This is when they buy from you.

Now that you have a map to take you where you’re going with your business, you have what you need to launch your marketing program. This is not to say this are the only three things you’ll ever have to do to successfully market your business. It is to say that it’s the first three steps you have to take to launch your marketing program.