Water Jepack
Credit: Google images

So it's summer time, and as usual, you're bored out of your mind. You need something fun to do, but can't find anything that's awesome enough to be worth doing.

Going swimming in the lake? Lame. Sun bathing in the back yard? Boring. Getting ice cream to enjoy in the hot weather? Delicious, but still not awesome enough. So what are you to do to pass the time and have as much awesome fun as possible?

Why not try one of these awesome, extreme summer activities, which are guaranteed to keep you fully entertained for the rest of the summer (or, you know, until you die of utter awesomeness from them!)

Epic Rope Swinging

I've covered this epic rope swing before in another article, so you already know what (and how awesome) it is. Now it's time to dig a little deeper into just how awesome this rope swing truly is, and how much fun you can have with it.

As you can see in the video, words could never hope to describe the awesomeness of this rope swing. First of all, unlike regular swings, this one isn't a mere rope hanging from a tree - it's a god damn metal wire hanging from another metal wire that runs across an entire valley and is attached in the cliffs at the sides. And as if that wasn't awesome enough, it's all located about a hundred feet in the air.

Although, this particular rope swing is probably not for the average couch potato - if you don't know what you're doing, it will probably kill you (and by probably, I mean most definitely). Let go a bit too soon, and you'll hit the rocks below. Miscalculate the landing and you'll get smashed against the lake's surface tension. But that's the price you have to pay for this kind of extreme awesomeness. Besides, there is a slight chance you'll survive this too!

Awesome Slip n' Slide

So you're already bored with the epic rope swing (or you're just afraid of heights, which is fine too), and summer is nowhere near over yet. You need something else to do, maybe something closer to the ground and with less risk of certain death. So what more is there to do?

Well, you could always try this Awesome slip and slide. 



When you were a kid playing on the tiny slip and slide in your back yard, did you ever imagine what it would be like to have a giant version of that? Of course you did (because seriously, anyone with a childhood did).Well, now your childhood wish can come true!

Located in New Zealand, this sweet-looking slip and slide seems to have been born straight from the dreams of a million children - and for good reason too. This construction of pure awesomeness is about the size of a soccer field, and on warm summer days it can provide hours upon hours of endless fun. Clearly, this is the work of the angels themselves.

But let's say that somehow, this wasn't enough to satiate your hunger for awesomeness either, and you're looking for something even cooler to keep you occupied. Then there is only one thing left to try..

Water Jetpacking

Say you're still bored out of your mind, and you figure out exactly what you want to do: you want to fly! And it's got to involve water too, because let's face it, it is summer after all. So you rule out hang gliding and all that stuff, and after a while, you just can't think of any awesome ways to go flying. Man, if only they had perfected the Jet pack!

Lucky for you, they have

Introducing; the Jetlift Water Jetpack.

The water jetpack is a new product which is available to anyone with a little money. And what it does is work like a normal jetpack, with the added benefit of looking (and feeling) like a god damn Blastoise (and for those of you who don't know what a Blastoise is, I'm sorry that you never had a childhood). With the water jetpack, you're free to fly through the air for hours, all while spraying two giant jets of water behind you. Because why go swimming in the summers, when you can soar across the surface of the water instead, blasting through the air with your complete and utter awesomeness?