We all get bored occasionally – it’s part of our nature. And sure, You could use that boredom to do something useful or productive. Or, you could do something totally awesome instead. For instance, you can always kill that boredom with;

Throwing Garbage Into a Volcano Lake

So, you’re bored and happen to have a box full of trash lying around? And you also happen to live close to a volcanic lake? Well then do I have some good news for you! You are the perfect candidate to partake in the noble pastime of garbage-throw-into-volcano-lake-ing!

Just grab your trash and head down to the diving cliffs at the local volcanic lake! As you throw it all in, you will undoubtedly feel the sweet sweet joy of basking in the warmth of your own awesomeness (Although it might just be the molten lava exploding and spraying everywhere down below you’re feeling, but that’s pretty cool too).

And if that didn’t chase the boredom right out the window, you could always try:

Learning To Run On Water

No, you didn't misread - you actually can learn to run on water, although it is difficult.

The sport is called Water Mountaineering, and takes advantage of the water's surface tension to make it possible to run on water for short periods of time.

All you need in order to do it is a pair of water-repellant shoes and a lake where the water is perfectly still. Oh, and you also need to be incredibly fit to pull it off. The technique here is to run as fast as possible in a slight arch, while just tapping the water with your foot before taking the next step. If you manage to do it fast enough, you can achieve the same effect as a rock skipping across the surface.

So get your shoes, head down to the local lake and prove to your friends that Jesus wasn't the only one who could walk on water.

So you've thrown all your trash into volcanic lakes, and you've learned to run on water - now what? Well, if you're still not entertained enough you should try;

Swinging From A 99 Foot Rope Swing

We all loved rope swings when we were young - they're just awesome. Swinging yourself through the air, feeling the wind blowing in your hair before your inevitable belly flop - it was all just awesome. Too bad there aren't any rope swings for adults out there.

Oh wait, there are!

Back in 2010, some guys (presumably bored out of their minds with regular rope swings), decided they wanted to build the biggest rope swing in the world. And they did.

The result - a 99 foot rope swing was constructed between the cliffs of lake Tahoe, using several hundred feet of metal wire. All so they could enjoy the most awesome rope swing jumps ever in history.

So if you're incredibly bored and/or have a serious death wish, I suggest you put down your beer, head down to lake Tahoe and give this awesome swing a shot.

So there you go; the three most awesome things to do when you're bored. And if that didn't cure your boredom, I'm sorry to say that nothing will.