There has been some talk lately of the 4 investment assets you do not have to report to the US government. It is important to keep in mind that all of these must be holdings that are in a non-reportable form and in an offshore investment to be legal. Several investments are able to be excluded from legal tax reporting, assuming that they are bought and maintained without the use of any securities, banking institution or other financial account that is taxable via the US government. 

4 investment assets you do not have to report to the US government

Real Estate

If you are in direct ownership of real estate in any foreign country or have partial ownership in a timeshare, it does not need to be reported. Assuming it is not part of a foreign investment fund. This does not count for foreign real estate that is rented or is recorded as part of any other jurisdiction. These situations will usually fall under the subject of taxation by the US government and also any foreign taxes that are applicable.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Documents and other valuable items can be placed in a safety deposit box with a foreign bank or private vault. These do not qualify as an account that is foreign technically. This arrangement maybe made simple through having a foreign bank that offers safe custody of cash, personal items and other securities.

Precious Metals Certificates

These are certificates that account for precious metals that are purchased and then taken to an offshore holding facility. These do not count as necessary to report to the US government for foreign accounts. This is unlike actual cash money that a report is required for every 10 thousand dollars.

Insurance Policies

It is assumed that foreign insurance policies are not officially a contract that is in exchange for any sum of money, therefore this lack of direct account relationship makes them exempt from tax reporting. These would not be foreign accounts due to the fact that US Treasury Regulations do not list insurance companies in the required reportings for foreign holdings. Some professionals disagree about this, but there are no official regulations to follow concerning this point of dispute.

There is some argument concerning the 4 investment assets you do not have to report to the US government, but they are more than can be covered here. All questions concerning these types of investments should be discussed with a professional.