Just like your wedding, you want your keepsakes from that day to be perfect. That's why it makes sense to organize them in a scrapbook. Where to start, which photos, themes, designs, and embellishments… It almost feels never-ending with all the available options to choose from. So where do you even begin? Let’s go through a few ideas and help get you started.

Details, details, details: 

Before you even start buying and scrapbooking, you need to make a few decisions first. Firstly, do you want your scrapbook to cover from the start of your engagement and end with your honeymoon or simply just the ceremony and reception? This will help you figure out how many pages you should need. Secondly, designs and color schemes. It’s always a sweet idea to match the color scheme with your wedding colors. However, there are so many different wedding designs to choose from. Simple black and white is always a good choice, but depending on what season your wedding took place you might care to find a design relating to that instead. An easy way to make your choice would be to compare different wedding scrapbook kits online to get a few ideas.

Decisions, decisions, decisions:

Now that you’ve managed through the basic details of your scrapbook, you get to go through and decide what you’d like to be in it. When going through your photos make sure to get duplicates of the ones you plan to use, if not all of them. Once you’ve gotten your pictures all picked out, it's time to make a choice on memorabilia. Some nice ideas include:  having a folder or pocket on one of the covers to keep simple things in like a wedding invitation, your written vows, napkin, a flower, or fabric from your dress. Another good option is a memory box that has those things and possibly more to keep them safe.

Writing it all down:

An important part of any scrapbook is the story it tells. Make it a point to write little notes with your photos, when the memories are still fresh, so that your story is told the way you want to remember it. Include everything, all of the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s, and simple things you never want to forget. Ask your guests to write down something from that day on their place card and make a few pages for those. You might be pretty surprised at what they will have to say and it’s nice to see your perfect day from someone else’s point of view.

Assembling your Work:

If you already have everything planned out and ready to go, then this should be the easiest part of the entire process. A sweet idea would be to have a dedication page in the front, for your significant other, family, and friends. Don’t crowd your pages with embellishments and photos, keeping it simple often says more than overloading each page!

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