1)      Follow the guidelines set forth by the parents: If the parent’s give you a list of rules of things that the children need to follow then make sure you enforce them. If bedtime is at 8 pm it is not okay for them to stay up watching television until 9pm. If they aren’t supposed to have more than one snack, don’t tell them it is okay for them to do so. You are there to care for the children using the guidelines that the parent’s have set forth for you to follow. Just because it may be easier to let the children stay up later or have extra snacks, does not mean that you should let them. Stick to the guidelines laid forth by the parent’s when you take the job so that the parent’s will be happy and will hire you back.

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2)      Don’t swear, drink, or smoke: Children are mindful of everything that you do and they are very susceptible to think that the things you are doing are cool and will try to mimic them. Be certain that you watch what comes out of your mouth. While sometimes you may not realize that you are saying profane words, you really need to watch it when babysitting.  Think of more child friendly things that you can say so that when you are babysitting nothing profane sneaks out. It should be very obvious that you should not drink while you are babysitting, but it is important that you don’t drink before going to a babysitting job. Even if you are of age and only want one drink, save you’re drinking for when your job is done. If something goes wrong while you are babysitting, it is better for you if you can honestly say you had not been drinking. If for some reason you can’t help drinking everyday or before a babysitting job, then you should consider finding a different job or career choice. Another vice to watch out for is smoking. Smoking is very dangerous and is very influential on children. Secondhand smoke is a dangerous effect of smoking and you shouldn’t be exposing your babysitting clients to these deadly toxins. No matter if their parents smoke, it is not appropriate for you to smoke in front of a child.

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3)      Be Reliable and Trustworthy: Taking on babysitting jobs is something that shows maturity and responsibility. Parents trust their children in your hands so it is important that you are able to be trusted and relied upon. If you are hired for a job do not show up late, in fact you should show up early so the parent’s can go over information with you. If you have something that comes up and you can’t babysit let the parent’s know as soon as possible. Make sure it is a legitimate excuse for why you cannot babysit, don’t blow off babysitting because you simply want to hang out with friends. Being reliable is key in getting hired back for another job. Also, make sure that parents are able to trust you. Don’t break their rules and don’t violate their trust. Do not invite friends over when you are babysitting as your focus should be on the children and their care not hanging out and having good times with friends. Trust is a big issue because if parent’s feel like they can’t trust you then they certainly aren’t going to leave their children in your hands.

Babysitters need to have experience with children.

4)      Be qualified: You need to know how to take care of children. If you don’t know the basics such as first aid, diaper changing, and how to feed/clothe children then you need some help before you should be able to take care of someone else’s children on your own. There are babysitting classes you can take that will help you understand the basics of childcare. Other options that can help you learn more about childcare is to help out at home with your brother and sisters, or other family members. Experience under supervision such as a parent or aunt will help you gain knowledge on how to care for children.