Apple Continues to Push the Entertainment Envelop With It's Latest Version of the Ipod

The ipod touch fourth generation is the next ipod from Apple providing all your entertainment and social needs. Retina display brings a wow factor into this ipod that was missing in the previous three generations. HD video recording lets you capture your life in full stunning high definition. All new technology allows for greater gaming on this device. Also the sizes available will benefit anybody who buys an ipod touch. This device is capable of fulfilling all the entertainment and social needs of even the most deprived American.

The Display

Giving the ipod touch fourth generation more wow per inch than any of its predecessors is the retina display. The concept of a retina display, which effectively doubles the number of pixels located in one inch, is revolutionary. As you increase the number of pixels situated in one inch you increase the quality of the images on the screen. The density of pixels, as Apple eloquently puts it, are so high you can’t distinguish individual pixels. This allows the photos, text, videos, and games to appear in their full stunning capacity. Retina display is among the cutting edge of technology feeding into the aura of awesomeness. None of Apple’s competitors have come even close to this magic number of pixels per inch. All in all the 326 pixels per inch, which is 20 pixels over what Steve Jobs says is the limit for human differentiation between pixels, is the best in the world and bound to keep getting better.

Now Featuring High Definition Video Recording

Most people see that moment that they wished they had a camera to capture the moment, and now they can with high definition video recording. Everyone has his or her ipod with him or her in this day and age and now you don’t need to fumble with a large camera in order to capture you life on film. Just whip out your ipod touch fourth generation, turn on the camera and start filming. If you’re someone who has thought, I wish I had a camera to film this, now you can with you ipod touch fourth generation. Not only will you be able to catch the moment on video, you will capture it in stunning full high definition. Then you can even edit the video right on your ipod. No more waiting to get home and transfer the file to the computer to edit it, you can do it right on your ipod, wherever you are and then you can share it with your friends. With an Internet connection through WI-FI you can even put the video right up on whatever social networking site, such as facebook, that you use for the entire world, well at least your friends, to see. No more fumbling around for a camera, because the ipod touch fourth generation does all the same things with the ability to edit and share immediately without having to go back to a computer with the right software.

Huge Storage

Everyone can sympathize with those who run out of space on their ipod. Well don’t let that happen to you. With the all-new ipod touch fourth generation you can choose to have 8 gigabytes, 16 gigabytes, or even 64 gigabytes. The 64-gigabyte ipod touch fourth generation can hold an impressive 14,000 to 16,000 songs, depending on the length. If you consider the average length of a song to be three and a half minutes long then 14,000 songs will last you a little of 34 days if you play music nonstop. Of course with all the games you are going to have on your ipod touch fourth generation you won’t have room for 14,000 songs but you can still put many songs on their, almost more than you need. The pure amount of data you can store on this mobile device is astounding. It is capable of all your storage needs when it comes to balancing your music, games, pictures, and videos.

Great Gaming Capabilities

For its size the ipod touch fourth generation offers the highest quality gaming around. The A4 chip is the support behind the intense gaming capabilities. The chip is one of the most powerful mobile processors in existence, on par with the ipad’s processor, which must be strong because it has a lot bigger screen. Multi-tasking, editing videos, and placing facetime calls are all made easier by the A4 chip. However the biggest winner is undoubtedly the gaming aspect of the ipod touch fourth generation, because this allows the games to run even smoother than the previous generations, which were already smooth. An innovative, new three-axis gyroscope permits one to actually drive cars, fly planes, and even play ping-pong. This new gyro can even sense lateral movement and alter game play based off this movement. This comes in handy on games like doodle jump, where now all you have to do is move your ipod touch from side to side and not tilt it. Multi-touch is pivotal in many of the applications in the app store. If a touch screen can’t do multi-touch, it is pretty much dead in the market. Allowing you to zoom in on your favorite pictures and see the freckles on someone’s face, or seeing a person from a large distance. Also a revamped game center fosters a healthy competition between friends. Who can get the highest score? Who is the best gamer? Both these questions can be answered by the dynamic game center. You can look up your high scores or compete with your friends head to head or as a group. Just remember that it is a game and that you shouldn’t destroy a friendship over a game, albeit an awesome game. With all these amazing features the gaming on the ipod touch fourth generation is the best offered in a small package.


The ipod touch fourth generation is without a doubt an exact, if not better, version of the iphone, without the phone of course. The retina display brings the sensation of not looking at a screen of an ipod; instead it looks like the real thing. High definition video recording abandons any need to carry a video recorder with you, and remember to share your videos with your peers with your social media sites. Gaming is like never before with this generation of the ipod touch. You will love playing games and competing with your friends, and hopefully winning as well. Now everyone must go and purchase an ipod touch fourth generation, and make me regret not buying stock in Apple in advance.