How To Get The Best Results From The Ab Wave

Using The Ab Wave Machine

The Ab Wave is a great way to work your abs whilst sitting in your living room. It is easy to use, however you're not going to get fit just sitting on it, you need to exercise!

To get the most out of the Ab Wave, you want to work out for 20 minutes a day. This will give you the best effect and you will feel your abs working. The great thing about having an ab wave is that you can work out around your schedule. It is, however, better to do 20 minutes at once if possible.


Ab wave from the sideCredit: Christopher D Brown

Before You Start

Sit up straight! You only want to barely be touching the back rest when you’re sitting on the Ab Wave (if your touching the back rest at all.) When you get on, sit up straight and have your knees perpendicular to your back (at 90 degrees) and  your feet flat on the floor.


The 5 Exercises

1. Move from side to side keeping your feet on the floor.

It is tough to get the hang of the Ab Wave when you start so don’t feel like you have to master it on the first try. Moving from side to side is the easiest movement to do. If you have the timer/computer, it will tell you how smooth your moving. It can help leaning from one side to the other to keep your sway going.

2. Raise your feet off the floor, and sway from side to side

Having your feet off the floor does make it easier to sway from side to side, but is tougher on your stomach muscles. You will want to slowly progress from feet on the floor to off the floor if you haven’t exercised much recently. It is important to keep your head facing straight. If you move around you can lose your posture and not work your abs as efficiently.

3. Sway side to side and twist on the seat  

This is what is on the advertisement for the Ab Wave, where the models look like their skiing. The best tip to get an even swing is to use your feet. Point your feet first when you want to sway and your body and the seat will follow. Remember to keep your head up!

4. Twist on the seat without swaying

This is like what tai chi is to karate. It looks easier than it is, because it's  hard to hold if you are flexing your abs and have good posture.

5. Do steps 1-4 with your legs extended straight out

This one is tough to hold, and you will definitely feel the burn here. Extending your legs out is an exercise that you integrate into your workout, more and more often as you  get stronger.

 Ab wave back restCredit: Christopher D Brown

Benefits of a Consistent Regime on the Ab Wave

The Ab Wave is fun and easy to do, I enjoy waving and I have lost 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) so far! There are plenty of people on the internet blogging about how much of a scam/fad it is. The truth is that you won’t see the results unless you stick with it for a while. So if you’re new to using it, do it every day for 2 months, keep track of your weight and decide for yourself!


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