Best Adsense Niches with the Highest Paying Keywords - EARN MONEY with ADSENSE

Finding the best Adsense niches with the highest paying keywords is not always an easy task. Though many tools exist to help us weed through many keywords online as we attempt to market our products, articles, businesses, blogs, and other website types; it is still difficult to actually make money from Google Adsense advertisements. Even if you receive clicks, if your advertisement clicks only turnover a couple pennies per click, is is really worth your invested time in writing good quality content? Money is often a great incentive for producing content on the internet. Many people are involved in making money using Google Adsense, but the key to being successful in this market is finding the best Adsense niches with the highest paying keywords.

After much research on the topic of the best Adsense niches, I have assembled a selection of 5 that are particularly viable for earning you a lot of extra cash. These niches have turned my earnings from very low to very high pretty quickly. Be sure that you are writing quality content in these high paying keyword targeted niches, and you will have no problem getting where I am today: making hundreds of dollars a month without little energy expended at all.

Best Adsense Niche #1: Product Reviews
Micro-Niches: anything (preferably more expensive products)

The highest paying keywords for product reviews will typically come when you are highlighting specific and relatively expensive products. Once this was explained to me, it became a very simple thing to understand. For example, if you write an article reviewing an Amana 25-Cubic-Feet Side-by-Side Refridgerator which has a relatively high retail price; then the related advertisements that Google shows on your page will be running at a higher price (assuming you have targeted and accurate keywords directed towards this specific product, as well as this product type: a refridgerator). You can apply this same concept to virtually anything you sell. There is no need to write too much about less expensive products, unless you are writing out a list of good products to invest in.

Best Adsense Niche #2: Travel Reviews/Guides
Micro-Niches: popular tourist destinations, entertainment, food

When someone is searching the internet about travel, they are either salivating over wanting to visit a location; or are actively attempting to find information about a place that they want to travel too. I have found that some of the highest paying keywords are in this niche, especially when related to popular tourist destinations, such as the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. The reason that this is one of the best Adsense niches is because it is generally easy to write about travel (and find information on specific locations). Additionally, you can implement product or service reviews as well pretty easily; making this an even more profitable Adsense niche to get involved in.

Best Adsense Niche #3: Automobile Related Content
Micro-Niches: car reviews, 4x4, off roading vehicles, motorcycles

The reason why automobile related content is a great and profitable niche market for writing is because most of the targetted ads (or affiliate links) will be directed towards expensive products. If an advertiser is attempting to sell cars, then clicking on those types of ads will generally garner you $3 to $5 dollars per click. I highly suggest writing about specific cars (in the form of reviews) and looking to target the highest paying keywords you can find.

Best Adsense Niche #4: Health/Nutrition
Micro-Niches: Obesity, weight loss, exercise, diet, anti-aging

In the realm of health and exercise, I have the belief that people will click on ads out of what I call "desperation." For example, people who are looking to lose weight are generally desperate to shed the extra pounds. Writing specifically in the micro-niches I pointed out will do the trick for both selling products through affiliate links, as well as finding great ads that might just pay out pretty heavily as well.

Best Adsense Niche #5: Home Improvement
Micro-Niches: home repair, plumbing, specific home products

Home improvement, like automobiles, is somewhat of a hit or miss market; but when you hit, you can hit big time. Finding the highest paying keywords in this niche with low to medium competition is a great way to bring in a lot of potential people and acquire more earnings through your Adsense account. Featuring great products, such as a Home Dynamics Contemporary Rug is also a great way to blend this niche with product reviews for even more earning potential. Not to mention, pairing this with a great affiliate program is a sure-fire way to make a good amount of money with one of the best adsense niches available.

When looking at the best Adsense niches with the highest paying keywords, these five are the best money-makers. I hope you find this article to be very useful as you move forward with your writing, business, and marketing ventures.